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    charmedcomicfan (Sunday, 13 March 2011 17:03)

    im in favor of the opinion that if she is brought back she gotta be brought back in the finest way. so the likeness is a big factor. i prefer not to see her at all than just see a woman that doesnt look like her so much in the comics. The likeness will help us relate and will make it more realistic. Im sure that if paul brings her back he will find a great way to do it storyline wise but if the likeness is not there then it may take much from the experience

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    Shane (Sunday, 13 March 2011 16:57)

    I think Shannen will allow her likeliness to be used. Her big problem was with Brad, and since he isn't involved in this project, I think it's probable that she would let them bring Prue back. But even if she doesn't allow it, they don't have to have Shannen's likeliness, they can just draw a vague womam that somewhat resembles her.

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    john p3 (Saturday, 12 March 2011 16:52)

    i think that prue will come back for 1 or 2 issues!and that will be great!i think we will she her in issue 9 because paul said that the title of the issue has spoilers!

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    nugent (Saturday, 12 March 2011 15:38)

    also what site was it again that sells the charmed comics in digital form?

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    nugent Cantileno (Saturday, 12 March 2011 15:12)

    agree w/ @fxrocks i really hope we see her asap!!!!! maybe the other realm neena transports piper too will be the afterlife or something where piper will see prue!

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    fxrocks (Saturday, 12 March 2011 11:14)

    I really hope they'll bring Prue back, not resurrecting her, just showing her in flash-backs or as a ghost... It would be awesome.

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    p3nathan (Saturday, 12 March 2011 10:48)

    I like Prue but I personally hope she doesn't come back... I just don't think it could live up to expectations after so long. Maybe that's just me.

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    Terry (Friday, 11 March 2011 07:38)

    I actually believe they lucked out. The only reason they did the Patty/Sam relationship in season 2 was to mirror Piper and Leo's. When they were browsing for ideas on how to continue with the show, one of the writers had a bout of continuity pride and suggested they use that.

    We shouldn't give them too much credit after all the bloopers they worked into the show :p

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    sarah (Friday, 11 March 2011 07:22)

    so like i think cole is going to come back u lol

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    Felix (Friday, 11 March 2011 06:29)

    I think they put it in as a back-up plan in case someone where to leave because we know Shannen Doherty wasn't contracted after season 3 whereas the other two where.
    Since I'm on the subject of Shannen. I don't think that they'll bring her back for the comics since she refused the show be allowed to use photo's or flashback video of her. I very much doubt she'd let the comic use her likeness, so unless they do it without her permission it seems unlikely.

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    Nugent Cantileno (Thursday, 10 March 2011 22:34)

    I just really dont know which theory i go with since either can work........

    here's also a fun question i would love to get your opinions on.....

    do you think the plotline of patty having an affair with sam was put into the show on purpose so just in case one of the girls decided to leave they could realistically and truthfully have another sister or was it a coincidence and the writers lucked out..... i personally think it was done on purpose (as said in charmed, theres no such thing as coincidence ;)

    plus in season 3 it was hinted at more than once, early on that prue was going to die (the crow on the window sill, death visiting prue and hinting he would be back etc.) so the writers deff knew what they were doing... and if the patty/sam idea was done intentionally, who knows- if prue would have lived, later on they may have added the plot line of another sister..... wouldnt that have been cool to see how they would have dealt, how prue would have dealt w/ paige!

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    Nugent Cantileno (Thursday, 10 March 2011 22:22)

    @sarah i was hoping it was telepathy since its always said twins have this telepthy going on anyway, in a world were magic does exist (ie the charmed universe) it would make sense thats their powers, even having the base powers of premonition...

    also i agree with what you all are saying..... if it does mean half witch/white lighter, the reason why wyatt's would be prophesied and not others or paige could be because he is the oldest out of the next generation therefore, like said before, he is super powerful- more powerful than even a charmed ONE (because each generation gets stronger etc..) plus he wasn't born to any ol' witch, his mother is a charmed one so he is ridiculously powerful...

    same holds true if twice blessed means child of a charmed one/ whitelighter...... maybe because wyatt is the first born therefore making him more powerful than his cousin his birth was prophesied and not the other kids

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    sarah (Thursday, 10 March 2011 18:28)

    i know since paige thinks they have not got there powers yet they might be telapathcy

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    StoryGirl83 (Thursday, 10 March 2011 11:57)

    @p3nathan - I must be in a minority, because I never once (prior to this issue and I'm still not convinced) believed that it meant the child of a Charmed One and a whitelighter. I assumed that it meant the child of two different types of good magical beings. I always thought it was crazy to make sure a big deal about Wyatt being twice-blessed because he had a special birthday, when clearly (to my mind) Paige and Chris (and that annoying Simon Marx) were twice-blessed, too. Actually, in Simon's case, it probably was some ancestor of his that was twice-blessed, since I got the idea from him that whitelighter genetics had been in his family line for a while. And yes, I have no problem believing that PJ and her future sisters are twice blessed. I don't think Paige's kids will be, because Henry does not qualify as a magical being.

    Who knows. Maybe the prophesy about Wyatt's birth was because the special things going on that day gave him some special extra. Like maybe those things are why he can be King Arthur and use Excalibur.

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    Terry (Thursday, 10 March 2011 11:05)

    Wyatt's Twice-Blessed birth was only prophecised because it happened on a particular day: a Wiccan shabbath (holy day), combined with the light-thing in the sky (a sky of dancing lights), and a special eclipse involving three planets (when three planets burn as one). Chris and Melinda's births weren't prophecised, though, yet they're apparently Twice-Blessed all the same. So in no way does it mean Paige isn't one.

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    p3nathan (Wednesday, 09 March 2011 06:54)

    I seriously doubt Paige is a twice blessed child. Firstly, although the term 'twice blessed' has never really been explained, most assume it means the child of a Charmed One and a Whitelighter. Secondly, as we saw with Wyatt, the birth of a twice blessed child is a big and even prophecised event and if Paige was one, I doubt Patty would've been able to hide her birth from the Elders and the rest of the magical community.

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    Ty (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 19:42)

    Well the thing is the prophecy stated each geenration will culminate into the charmed ones, the prophecy also stated they would be the greatest witches the world has ever known. Demons and warlocks have stated of all time. I don't think any Warren ancestry could be more powerful with a collective than the Charmed collective. However I do assume witches who decend from Charmed withces may be more powerful than a Charmed ONE, for example Wyatt is way more powerful than Prue, Piper, Phoebe, or Paige but his powers don't add up to that off the Charmed power of three made from the combinations of Piper, Phoebe or Paige.

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    Nugent Cantileno (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 18:10)

    It can easily be argued either way

    you can say that twice blessed means a child of a charmed one and a whitelighter (or a cupid) but then that also means that all the kids are "twice blessed."

    you can also use that point to say that it stands to reason that the new generation will surely be stronger then their mothers because the original four, although charmed and very powerful, were born from an ordinary witch, patty. The new generation were born from charmed witches plus in theory they are stronger then the previous generation, they will be very powerful.

    or it can be argued like i said before that twice blessed simply means just witch/whitelighter.... and since the show never specified it can go either way, its just how you read the prophecy.

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    Nugent Cantileno (Tuesday, 08 March 2011)

    of course, im clearly aware of this, i had posted a portion of it in an earlier post....... it can be interpreted in two different ways..... "a twice blessed child" could be read as just a cryptic way of describing wyatt you know, just as if it read "to welcome a blonde child" just a way of mentioning wyatt without actually mentioning him or you can take it more literal, reading it as if there is something special about the twice blessed part, that it is something unique..... there is an argument for both sides

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    charmedcomicfan (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:49)

    When three planets burn as one
    over a sky of dancing light,
    Magic will rest on a holy day
    to welcome a twice blessed child.

    and this happened the day wyatt was born

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    Nugent Cantileno (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:47)

    truthfully i think its a tad bit close minded to think she is not, i think its subjective, there are a majority of fans that think she is a majority that think she isnt, regardless of what you think whether you are right or wrong... the point is the twice blessed part in the prophecy was just a way of describing wyatt, it wasnt saying anything particular about him that the other children don't have, whether it meant the child of a charmed one and a whitelighter or a witch and a whitelighter, either way that particular part of the prophecy wasnt saying anything that is unique to solely wyatt. but to be fair ... i dont know why it's so sure paige isn't, it was never stated in the show what twice blessed actually meant so one argument is just as valid as the next...

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    charmedcomicfan (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:09)

    i meant "i cant understand"

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    charmedcomicfan (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:08)

    i can understand why u think paige is a twice blessed. this is tottaly not right. She isnt a child of a charmed one and a whitelighter. She is charmed and whitelighter but not the child of those two

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    p3nathan (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 17:04)

    I agree, Paige is very powerful but I wouldn;t say she was more powerful than Piper or Phoebe. She has a lot more powers than her sisters but the majority of them are from her whitelighter side and therefore passive (or at least non-violent)

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    Nugent Cantileno (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 15:57)

    Also, regarding paige being more powerful than the other three sisters, i dont think thats possible, she will never be as powerful as the oldest, whether it be prue or piper.

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    Nugent Cantileno (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 15:53)


    well theres two ways to look at it,

    1. she is a twice blessed CHARMED ONE so that makes her powerful
    2. although wyatt is twice blessed, he is also the OLDEST (like prue) so that gives him an extra extra power boost and he is a direct ascendent of a charmed one, not just an ordinary witch and each generation does grow stronger.... so he is pretty powerful, id say the other kids are possibly as powerful as Paige maybe a bit more (back to the each generation growing stronger)

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    Megawhatz (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 15:12)

    I know it was already said about Paige maybe being twice blessed but do you think that it makes her stronger then the the others if she is?

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    StoryGirl83 (Tuesday, 08 March 2011 01:16)

    Wow! Lots of talk going on. First, off Kyle definitely DID NOT say that Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda would be the new Charmed Ones. He said, the elders who interfered and made Melinda part whitelighter "HOPED to alter the prophecy of the twice-blessed" (which has to be something other than the one from the show, because that's just a birth announcement) "That the firstborn children of the family would inherit the Power of Three. Making Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda an even MORE powerful force for good THAN the Charmed Ones."

    In other words, they didn't want to make the three into the Charmed Ones, they wanted to make them more powerful than the Charmed Ones, a different type of power of three. And because the prophecy they really seemed to be trying to change is Melinda Warren's one about the Charmed Ones . . . I sincerely hope they fail. I have no problem with them forming some sort of power of three, but not one more powerful than the Charmed Ones. And yes, I think it would be interesting if each set of siblings had their own power of three, but again, not more powerful than the Charmed Ones.

    I am interested to see what happens and I am really eager to get issue #8, whenever it comes out (soon I hope, especially since we all know it's finished).

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    Terry (Monday, 07 March 2011 20:47)

    You know, people keep talking about the prophecies, but everyone interprets them as they wish. You all forget a crucial word in the first prophecy, "culminating". It says that "each generation of Warren witches will grow stronger, culminating with the arrival of three sisters". Meaning that those three sisters will be the strongest the family will get. Sure Wyatt is powerful, and all the other kids may be "powerful forces for good" as Paul likes to put it, but the prophecy doesn't leave room for a second, third of fourth set of Charmed Ones. It's just the one.

    However, each of the three sets of kids, they will all share a power of three -- and I didn't say THE Power of Three; I said A power of three. If you think back to season 6, the Stillman Sisters, or whatever, they managed to steal the Charmed Ones' identity because they, too, were three, and shared a similar bond. The eldest claimed they had their own power of three. So being three sibling witches gives you extra power, but The Charmed Ones, they happen to have something more, a special Power of Three.

    So yeah, the kids will all probably have a power-of-three thing going on but I wouldn't want them to be more powerful than the Charmed Ones, it wouldn't be right to the first prophecy.

    IMHO, anyway.

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    charmedcomicfan (Monday, 07 March 2011 19:09)

    we die to know too but nothing is shown so far. wait for more issues. Issue 8 , the one coming the next one will give focus to paige so maybe the twins powers will be shown

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    sarah (Monday, 07 March 2011 18:24)

    huh......... ok do the twines have powers im dieing to know plz let them have cool powers lol

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    Nugent Cantileno (Monday, 07 March 2011 18:02)

    Well Chris has telekinetic orbing as well... (evil chris orbed the gun, and baby chris orbed the card during candy land and orbs wyatt back after billie and christy steal his powers.) wyatt, in and of himself is powerful because not only is he the first born of the next generation he is also the first born of a charmed one, plus he is twice blessed, not to mention he was born on a sabbath amongst other cosmic phenomenon, he is a special child (similar to how when prue, piper, and phoebe received their powers, midnight on a full moon, was a powerful time to receive them, well it was a powerful time for wyatt to be born.)

    also, speaking of twice blessed, i think that twice blessed simply means he has both whitelighter and witch in him, i think in the prophecy the part where it says "A twice blessed child" is simply just a way of describing wyatt, it was just a cryptic description,

    the prophecy goes as such

    "When three planets burn as one
    over a sky of dancing light,
    Magic will rest on a holy day
    to welcome a twice blessed child."

    it doesnt say THE twice blessed, just a twice blessed child, again it's just a way of describing him. it's just like saying "to welcome in a blonde child." paige is twice blessed, chris is and now melinda, the twice blessed part isnt what makes wyatt special, its the fact that he is the first born to a charmed one, the first born of the next generation, as well as all the other things the prophecy speaks of that makes wyatt as powerful as he is, twice blessed is just describing a child who is going to be born with both whitelighter and witch blood flowing through him

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    Mark 1234 (Monday, 07 March 2011 17:50)

    Yeah exactly, and I think when Phoebe got her Empathy Leo said something about the Elders giving it to her? Yeah sure I'm all for special.. but then like grrrr the other kids wont be Charmed, they won't be able to use all of the book? They would be useless against most demons and I find that unfair. I mean I guess whatever happened Wyatt will be okay :) well I think its stupid they gave Melinda telekinetic orbing.. Wyatt was special & Chris has the standard version of telekinesis. She should of gotten premonitions or molecular immobilisation. I hope we are all wrong and they do all end up being Charmed cause thats really why I thought they all had 3 kids? So they would all be protected with each set of siblings having their own Power of 3 :(

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    Nugent Cantileno (Monday, 07 March 2011 17:22)

    @Mark1234 correct, thats what i said earlier, her whitelighter powers come from her whitelighter side... she doesnt need the elders to grant that to her, her wiccan powers however are granted to her via the elders which is why she didnt have those, her existence was secret. I believe that it had nothing to do with not being born as one of the three oldest. Also, i feel as if only one set should be Charmed its what makes them special. they could all have their own individual traits that make them unique and powerful but the "charmed ones" the three that read the power of three spells etc etc should be inline with the show three woman, one w/ the power of telekinesis, one w/ the power of molecular immobilization and one w/ the power of premonition, at least to start out with, and i do believe the gift of the power of 3 and the gift of being charmed can be passed on and should but inline with the rules set up by the original show. for the record i love the comics and consider them canon and i look forward to paul explaining this further and maybe clearing a few things up.

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    Mark1234 (Monday, 07 March 2011 17:12)

    Paige could orb before though? that's how she survived the car accident with her parents? BUT the prophecy thats been stated within the book and the show was just about the first Charmed Ones, who would be sister. That doesn't mean this can't change? I still think somehow all the children will be Charmed? It seems stupid that only one set become Charmed.. and @john p3 lol he already said she's hardly in the issue? Unless she went up to the elders with Leo and Paige I'd wanna know what she had to say about all this.. Thank youuuuu :)

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    john p3 (Monday, 07 March 2011 14:43)

    i think it's good idea to add something to pipers profile about her story in the heir up there!

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    Nugent Cantileno (Monday, 07 March 2011 14:03)

    The thing is, @charmedcomicfan , like i said once before technically the power of three consists of THREE different powers, phoebe makes that clear in episode one and then piper says it again in Charmed Again Part 2 (when talking to paige in the church about the third sister being able to move things with their mind) I still think like u said earlier that they would be something else more powerful, also like u said Kyle said the old elders interfered and WANTED them to become the new Po3 but that doesnt necessarily mean they will be, i still think Phoebe children can become them, besides its been stated over and over again THE POWER OF THREE are 3 SISTERS, by changing that fact would be contradicting the continuity of the show. Also it was never said paige didn't get her powers/ become charmed because only the first 3 born become charmed, she never received her powers because her existence was kept secret, her whitelighter powers are inbread, when paige was conceived, sam was an immortal being, a whitelighter, his powers etc are who he is, that is something the elders can not control, passing on whitelighter powers, if one parent is a whitelighter, is literally like passing on a gene for eye color or hair color, whereas a witch elders grant witch's their powers, which then eventually grow etc. (as stated when piper received her molecular combustion power) meaning witch's are human first and foremost (like billie and christy kept reminding piper in season 8), once phoebe and piper found paige and they elders needed her to remake the power of three, they granted her the missing power (telekinesis) in order to reconstitute the charmed circle (once again re-itterating the fact that the charmed ones/power of three need three separate powers) and because of paige being half whitelighter and her DNA being different then any other regular witch that would receive powers, it altered the way the telekinesis works.

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    charmedcomicfan (Monday, 07 March 2011 13:17)

    no u are not annoying me. we just have a fun fan conversation here, sharing our thoughts

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    Mark 1234 (Monday, 07 March 2011 13:09)

    LOL Power of 9? Whattt.. they all have 3 kids? each of those 3 will have the Power of 3? They can't mix and match cause they need to be siblings? They would each be Charmed Ones? but just as siblings not cousins? Sorry if im annoying you ha.. I was just let down cause I assumed they would all be Charmed cause now that means only Piper and Leos kids will be the big power and then Phoebes and Paiges although powerful won't be Charmed so they wont continue the Charmed line..

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    charmedcomicfan (Monday, 07 March 2011 13:01)

    then why is it caled the power of 3?its not power of 9 (since all charmed ones will have 3 kids) if what you say is true then paige would have been a charmed one before prue died. but she wasnt

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    Mark 1234 (Monday, 07 March 2011 12:57)

    Why is it impossible? :P i don't understand why there can only be 3 Charmed Ones? They could all be Charmed Ones and its just been interpreted wrong :( I hope so anyway.. next issue should hopefully talk more about it.. :)

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    charmedcomicfan (Monday, 07 March 2011 12:35)

    3 sets of charmed ones? i think this is impossible

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    Mark 1234 (Monday, 07 March 2011 12:31)

    Paiges' kids won't automatically get telekinetic orbing? thats not how powers work? Grams had telekinesis and Patty had molecular immobilisation? I agree that Wyatt is more powerful because he is the first Charmed/Whitelighter child and the first child born of the Charmed Ones. I just remember watching the final episode of Charmed with all 3 of the sisters having 3 kids and thinking that the line would grow in numbers and power like the Triad guy said cause they would be 3 sets of the Power of 3.. letdown much. :P

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    charmedcomicfan (Monday, 07 March 2011 11:32)

    @mark thats because it was a parallel universe. I think for paige that her kids will be half whitelighters or just witches with telekinesis (if there is no whitelighter in them they will get telekinesis)
    About Phoebes kids since they are half cupid they may have a destiny of their own who knows.

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    john p3 (Monday, 07 March 2011 11:29)

    all the kids of the charmed ones are special!but the elders choose wyaat,melinda and chris because are the first born and are twice blessed!
    melinda is a powerful witch and without her whitelighters power because is child of a charmed one!

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    Mark1234 (Monday, 07 March 2011 11:17)

    But I remember season 7 when they went to the mirror world they had the Power of 4? And Paige wasn't technically a witch before she met her sisters and read from the book? If Paiges' and Phoebes' children aren't Charmed how does that work? Will they just be normal witches? I think the Elders only interfered with Melinda cause she was the only child who would of been just a witch. Phoebes' had Coop and Paiges' already would get part witch and whitelighter from her? It would really suck is the others kids didn't turn out to be Charmed.

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    power of three (Monday, 07 March 2011 11:08)

    add a few words like paige...if you can?

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    charmedcomicfan (Monday, 07 March 2011 11:08)

    i think the answer lies to the word "firstborn". It mentions the firstborns of the family would be the charmed ones so that means the three firstborns :wyatt chris melinda.
    Not more than three people can be charmed (power of 3). if that could be possible then paige would have been charmed before Prues death

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    Mark1234 (Monday, 07 March 2011 11:05)

    I think its really stupid that the whole Power of 3 thing can only go to one set of children? I assumed all their kids would become Charmed.. seeing as they all had 3 kids each? Does that mean Phoebe and Paiges' kids wont be Charmed? Maybe they will all be Charmed Ones? But the elders wanted to play around with Pipers kids powers?

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    charmedcomicfan (Monday, 07 March 2011 10:32)

    i found her story very minor in issue 7. doesnt have to be added. she is just cleaning the mess that melinda made in the restaurant and talks with phoebe about their kids powers.