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    excalibur90 (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 04:37)

    Could someone who read it, write a synopsis and what power are used in this issue?

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    Seerempath (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 05:47)

    While in the Dome (Piper Halliwell)

    Molecular Combustion - Piper can blow up multiple demons at once.

    Molecular Acceleration - Piper can change molecules back to their original state with her mind. She changed the soldiers back into sand, plants and water.

    While in the Dome (Phoebe Halliwell)

    Flight - Phoebe can fly and can carry two people at once. Something she is very happy about.

    Advanced Empathy - The full potential of this was never shown because the soldiers were not real, so they had no memories or emotions to turn back on them. However, she made up for this by kicking butt.

    While in the Dome (Paige)

    Remote Orbing - Paige can scatter a person orbs around the world. (This to me is remote orbing, however, some might put this down as Telekinetic-Orbing.

    She also orbed Darryl halfway round the world. She was very excited about, apparently she couldn't before, without touching them or calling out to them.

    According to Prue the dome allowed her sisters to tap into the point their powers will grow. But it's going take some time from them to grow to those levels naturally.

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    excalibur90 (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 07:40)

    Thank you! Also i dont think that the power piper used with her mind was her acceleration power. I think it was mol.manipulation or another powerful molecular power. I loved that Piper used her mind to turn the soldiers into dust, plants and water. It was my favorite power advancement so far! could you write a synopsis of the issue?

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    Seerempath (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 07:53)

    My bad, your right it wasn't mol.acceleration, it is mol.manipulation, but please keep in mind she can only revert them back to their orginal state.

    I'm very bad with synopsis, it would take me hours. Someone else will provide, it i'm sure.

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    charmedcomicfan (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 07:54)

    Is there any Charmed season 10 preview or ad?

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    gc (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 08:08)

    What happens to Prue (in case you couldn't tell that's all I really care about.)

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    Excalibur90 (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 08:10)

    Thank you again. I really loved this new power. She could speed up (explode and heat), slow down (freeze)and now she can revert the molecules. I know that they will not keep their new powers now but they will receive it in near future!

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    TheFanatic (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:07)

    Prue is now the conduit between the realms because she is now in possession of the Empyreal Sword and the Grimoire. She has to stay in the Nexus of the All in the Desert which she made to be a replica of the Manor. Cole will be her messenger between the realms and "Patience"'s body is now hers.

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    TheFanatic (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:09)

    All in all, I adore the ending. Prue gets to remain in Patience's body and is now the Conduit. Some nice new mythology. Though on the other hand, I'm not sure how I feel about her not being able to leave her Manor, though I'm guessing that OTHERS can come visit her. So hopefully the sisters will be able to come see her even though she can't go see them and Cole will be with her and hopefully Andy can visit often as a reward.

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    charmedcomicfan (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:11)

    Hey TheFanatic (or anyone else who read the issue), Is there any Charmed season 10 preview or ad or summary in the issue?

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    Henry (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:11)

    Sorry, I do not have time to write a full synopsis. Prue's fine. She vanquished Rennek pulling the Empyreal sword from Grimoire, becoming one with these objects and becoming the new junction point between the realms! Yes, she is magic again! Negative points: they are ALL safe, Bailey (at least I think it's her) is blonde and Henry is awful!Oh, Prue closes Manor's door with her new powers ... but it's not the real Manor! Now she is tied to the Nexus of the All, where she recreated Halliwell Manor! when Prue said: "This big old place will be very empty with just me living here!" I was very confused XD... then I figured out that wasn't the Manor XD Cole is back! Prue can no longer move away from Nexus ... Cole will be her messenger, he will keep her in contact with her sisters etc ... So he will still be around for a while!

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    Henry (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:12)

    No season 10 preview :(

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    TheFanatic (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:33)

    In the desert, at the Nexus of the All, Darryl is commanding the small army gathered together to defeat the swarm of demons escaping from the dome. Leo, Prue, Coop, Henry, Knox, Miss Donovan, Elise and Tyler use the magical weapons forged by Gynnis to fight off the demons.
    Meanwhile, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige are attempting to orb into the dome and Paige finally succeeds. They enter and find it bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, and find their powers reaching their maximum potential. Paige is able to scatter a demons orbs all around the world, Phoebe's powers are useless because the demons turn out to just be mindless automatons but she is able to use her martial arts to kick ass, and Piper is able to blow nearly the entire army.

    Afterwards, the inside of the dome starts changing thanks to the sisters' effect on it and they spot the Empyreal Sword and the Grimoire in the center of a pentagon, though it's being protected by Rennek who still has control over the world's magic.

    Back on the battlefield, Glynnis kills a demon with a Charmed cannon and it falls and breaks a hole into the dome allowing Prue and Leo to break their way inside.

    Rennek has the sisters tied up and tells them they will never win the fight because he can create an endless supply of soldiers. Phoebe tells him that his plan will fail because his soulless automatons have nothing to fight for with Rennek telling her the fight for him becaus he has complete control over magic. Piper scolds him about not learning that magic isn't about having the most power. He magically muzzles Piper but she continues to think telepathically, "it's not about power. It's about finesse:" And from inside of the dome she is able to use her mind to manipulate the molecules of the demons attacking their friends and family outside, turning them into flowers.

    She, Phoebe, and Paige then proceed to telepathically communicate with each other and cast the Power of Three spell nonverbally, breaking themselves free. They then create another spell that channels the power of matter, time, space, the elements that bind the worlds and the magic of all the Halliwell line to undo what Rennek has done but it fails as Rennek still has control. Leo then charges at Rennek but he's repelled.

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    TheFanatic (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:33)

    Rennek and Leo then have an argument of ethics and morality with Leo telling Rennek that the powerful and the powerless have decided to fight back without supernatural guidance in response to Rennek pleading with him to allow people of this world to choose their own destiny. Rennek then tells him that not even the three Halliwell sisters can stop him. Prue then charges at him, reminding him that there are four sisters and she grabs the Empyreal Sword out of the Grimoire, abbsorbing it into herself, and casts a spell that gives her ownership over both the items and vanquishes Rennek. Prue (now covered in various symbols and runes) then casts a follow up spell to reconnect the realms at that hallowed space and to erase all humanity's memories of the last six months, however, making sure that they never truly forget it just in case magic is ever revealed to the world again. "For most people, the past few months will be kind of a dream. Just outside the grasp of their memories."

    Prue has turned the Nexus of the All into a complete replica of the Manor and everyone's inside. "Patience"'s body has now become Prue's to have (she is still covered in symbolic tattoos). Phoebe is reveling in the fact that she can fly now instead of just levitating but only for a few short moments. Prue tells her that the dome allowed her to tap itno the point her power will grow to and it's going to take time for her to reach it naturally. Darryl and Prue say their goodbyes to each other as Darryl is more than ready to get back to his family but Paige accidentally orbs him back home prematurely. Leo's wings are gone for good and Prue talks to him about how the Grimoire is now inside of her as well but he lets her know that a lot of good came from it and she has a brand new control over magic.

    Piper then has Paige orb the guys to Victor to relieve him of babysitting duty. Then, there's a knock on the door which is revealed to be Cole who is now a messenger from the Heavens. The Elders haven't forgiven him for his past crimes or allowed him to move on but they did appreciate his sacrifice in allowing Prue to return to Earth instead of using the power to escape Limbo. Cole tells Prue that the Elders were impressed by what she did and he's here to inform her of her new role in the universe. Because she absorbed the Sword and the Grimoire, she is ow the conduit that holds the realms together. She is the caretaker to the connection and can never leave the Nexus. Cole is now her messenger. He can move freely through the realms and visit San Francisco whenever he wants and after a few centuries of service, he might earn the right to move on. Phoebe asks him if he's back in their lives and he respons that only if he's welcome and he'll stay away unless Prue needs him to go see the family since she's bound there. Prue appreciates Cole's company in the Manor since it's going to be just her. Piper says that she can make it look however she wants but she's happy with the way it is, saying that it's just like home, especially with Phoebe forgetting to close the door which she telekinetically closes as per tradition.

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    TheFanatic (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 14:57)

    I have to admit, one of my favorite parts of the issue was Phoebe's conversation with Cole. I like how they can have a normal conversation now and poke fun. Also, Darryl and Prue grasping hands to say goodbye was very touching. I can't wait to see what next season has in store!

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    GC (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 15:05)

    As long as Prue and Cole are together, I'm happy.

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    Julie (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 15:18)

    So Cole is still in the elders doghouse I see. Can't the elders just forgive and forget.

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 15:44)

    so heres what i dont understand- when someone gets re-incarnated the new body their born into is "theres" like prue's new body is hers- however, when someone is re-incarnated, their soul can still be recognized even though its assumed their outside appearance changes from their previous life so on and so forth- so why now that prues new body is hers can't her soul be recognized- I'm guessing her soul matches her body now but that doesnt necessarily happen when people are re-incarnated so why in this case? And for arguments sake, say a soul when its re-incarnated does match the body and only the people that know you from a previous life see you as your old self- why doesnt that apply to prue- this is my only quibble!

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    Henry (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 16:08)

    I guess the answer is "New world, new rules", like Prue said!

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 03 October 2012)

    yea but what does that mean exactly

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    TheFanatic (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 17:26)

    The thing is that Prue has not been reincarnated. She possessed a dormant body. Reincarnation is when a soul is reborn as a whole new person, starting the life cycle all over again. Prue didn't do that. It's still HER soul inside there, her family and those close to her can still recognize HER soul but the body belongs to her now. She isn't bound to the afterlife anymore.

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    StoryGirl83 (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 17:52)

    @p4fan4ever - Here's a theory that my friend Es came up with on that matter. It's not as a result of this issue as she probably won't be able to read this for a few weeks. It was a result of a question I had. I forget the question, but I can tell you something that was connected.

    Phoebe switched places with her past self and she saw everyone with the faces of those she knew, their future lives. This included her great-grandmother, P. Baxter Johnson. However, Grams knew both P. Baxter Johnson (her own mother) and Piper (or Prue, technically it was never stated, though it is very likely it was Piper . . . I can debate this, I have debated this. I prefer not to.), her granddaughter. She knew them both very well. But you know what she told Paige. She told Paige that she had her mother's (Grams' mother, P. Baxter Johnson) eyes. She knew both of them, but she didn't say that Paige, like Piper had eyes like Paige. Maybe she meant it, but she didn't say it. As you said, their out appears most change or everyone would look at old pictures and see everyone again and again. But someone close to at least one (probably two) of the cousins and their future selves, would have seen them as more or less the same by that theory, but the indication is that she didn't.

    Now, for Es' theory. Phoebe's soul switched places, so she recognized the souls of those she loved when she saw them (which doesn't explain Anton's "glamour" of Leo's past life, because that certainly wasn't Leo's soul). Had she physically traveled back in time or had she known their past lives (or let's say if Leo knew their past lives . . . certainly possible with his association with Grams during "Witchstock") before they were born (which would of course require her to by older than them, but anyway) she would have seen them as two seperate individuals rather than the same person.

    As TheFanatic says, Prue was not reincarnated. However, it is not true that her family and close friends still recognize her soul. Darryl doesn't at all. Phoebe has to concentrait very hard. Piper still could, but maybe not still. When they first found her again, she was possessing Patience's body. They were two seperate people. Now, Patience is no longer a factor. This is Prue's body thanks to the magic issues over the last six months. She has melded with this body and now they don't have to recognize her soul. This IS her.

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    Julie (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 17:56)

    @ P4 Prue was never reincarnated her spirit took over Patience physical body while Patience spirit had been captured by Sharon. The charmed ones recognized Prue by her soul. The body now officially belongs to Prue after what happened in the finale.

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 18:23)

    @julie and @thefanatic

    that much I got- I was just using the re-incarnation thing as an example since thats where all this soul recognizing stuff stems from- further more, when the sisters first saw prue again, they recognized her soul (same thing that would have happened if she was re-incarnated- whether she was re-incaranted or took over a living body, either way her soul is in a physical body that looks different yet the sisters saw her as SHE WAS not how SHE IS.)- what im saying is, if a soul doesnt change when it enters a new body that's its own during re-incarantion then why would it change now, especially when its not prues body at all. (maybe thats the answer, the body wasn't hers so the soul adapted? idk) and like @storygirl said- Darryl can't see prue as she used to be... plus when prue died in "Prue ya gunna call" her soul left the physical body and it looks like patience so therefore her soul changed to match the body.

    and @storygirl im a little confused about the theory- i agree grams should see her mother in piper but she doesn't- but could you explain your theory again- because if i understand what your saying the knight from paiges past knew her past life and yet saw her looking the same in the present...

    MAYBE with each life a soul does change with the body its re-incarnated into. But maybe if you go to the PAST and see someone you know in the present, you'll see them as you know them now- you "recognize" their "soul." So lets say Paige goes to the past and sees old prue- she'd see her as Patience cause thats how she knows her now... that theory still doesn't explain why darryl or the sisters can't recognize prue anymore though...

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 18:31)

    i have problems with my own theory because if souls change with their current bodies, it wouldn't matter to the people that knew you in another life- they would see you as THEY knew you- Leo states that souls recognize each other from life to life so people can find each other over and over again... therefore if I knew you looking one way in the past, I'd still see you looking that way in the next life, that would be my soul recognizing you from a past life (regardless of how you ACTUALLY physically look now) and it works the same way going backwards in time (clearly thats the case with pardon my past) so the question remains what does grams see when she looks at piper, and why cant darryl and the sisters see prue as she was anymore!

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    Jane (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 18:56)

    So the sisters can visit Prue whenever they want, but Prue cant visit, too bad they couldn't share the all with Cole, making it easy for them to take turns to visit the sisters.

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    Josh (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 20:21)

    I guess we kind of know what the cover of Season !0 Issue 1 means. So maybe the sisters can use the area as a battle ground when they need a power boost in the future? Or stop evil from ruling over the world? Season 10 has more than enough potential! Thanks Paul!!!

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    Mia (Wednesday, 03 October 2012 22:37)

    Well I hope Prue is still in the sisters lives, she has her own manor, so they can easily stay over from time to time.

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    piper32 (Thursday, 04 October 2012 05:09)

    How many demons killed by Piper with her new power?

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    p3nathan (Thursday, 04 October 2012 05:46)

    I've been asked whether we're sure Piper used her power to change the bad guys back into flowers or whether she may have cast a non verbal spell, since they had a telepathy thing going on at the time.

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    Excalibur90 (Thursday, 04 October 2012 06:26)

    Im sure it was pipers power and not a non-verbal spell because a fan told paul in tweeter that he liked pipers new power advancement and paul answered thank you glad you like it. so its a power boost!

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    p3nathan (Thursday, 04 October 2012 10:19)

    Okay, well since their powers advanced so much I suppose it would make sense for them not to be restricted to the normal ways of channeling their powers

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    Julie (Thursday, 04 October 2012 12:20)

    I think they should get rid of the reincarnation crap.

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    TheFanatic (Thursday, 04 October 2012 12:47)

    Ok, I'm trying to settle something. Does everyone believe the librarian is Bailey?

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    p4fan4ever (Thursday, 04 October 2012 18:41)

    @julie the problem is u cant- its part of the mythology- and a great part but a part that just needs a little clarification especially with this new added layer

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    piper32 (Friday, 05 October 2012 06:09)

    How many demons killed by Piper with her new power? Prue have her powers back or she gained others? Leos powers are gone forever?

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    cyma (Friday, 05 October 2012 12:36)

    Wasn’t it established in issue 22 the reason the sisters couldn't recognize Prue’s soul anymore was because magic had switched to mortals? Here’s the dialogue from issue 22:

    Darryl: So this is Prue? Your sisters said you were back but—

    Prue: You don’t recognize my soul?

    Darryl: I’m sorry I don’t.

    Phoebe: Me neither. All I see is Patience. Usually, I can only see her if I focus.

    Prue: I guess this is another fun part of the magical world being turned upside down.

    Or does something happens in issue 23 and 24? I’ve yet to read them.

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    TheFanatic (Friday, 05 October 2012 13:03)

    Yeah that was the reason. I'm sure that they can still see Prue if their focus. Her soul is still her own, she just has ownership over Patience's body.

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    p4fan4ever (Friday, 05 October 2012 14:05)

    @thefanatic except its established in 24 that darryl still couldnt see prue and prue explains "thats why you couldnt see my soul- this body's mine"

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    TheFanatic (Friday, 05 October 2012 14:24)

    She says "New world new rules," like she said two issues earlier, meaning the world order that Rennek established by switching magic. She continues to say "it's why you COULDN'T see me anymore," specifically using past tense, referencing how they couldn't see her because magic switched sides.

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    sTiV (Saturday, 06 October 2012 04:34)

    Paige is really strong!!!!!!!! she scatter a person orbs around the world. i also like pipers powers It is my favorite issue!!!!!

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    p4fan4ever (Saturday, 06 October 2012 05:06)

    @thefanatic yes but your also forgetting that darryl STILL cant see her as she was therefore her soul looks like patience...

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    p4fan4ever (Saturday, 06 October 2012 06:33)

    Here is the deal...

    in pardon my past the following is stated:

    Prue: Wait. So you saw us in our past lives? I mean, did we look the same?

    (Phoebe looks up from the trunk)

    Phoebe: Uh, yeah. You did, actually. Kind of.

    (She opens the trunk, kneels down, and begins to look through it)

    Leo: Well, they probably looked the same to you because your soul recognized their souls. I mean, we all tend to travel in the same circle of family, friends, even enemies throughout our various lives. And that’s why our souls recognize each other. So we can keep finding each other. That’s what soul mates mean.

    this implies that from life to life, physically we look different, but our souls recognize each other. It's also safe to assume that our souls match the current outer appearance. If Prue's soul matches her outer appearance of Patience because the body is hers, it's safe to say that once someone is re-incarnated, obviously their body is theirs, so their soul matches their body. Now, Phoebe knew how Piper and Prue looked in present time- perhaps when she traveled back, Piper and Prue PHYSICALLY looked different, but when Phoebe looked at them, she saw them how she currently knew them.

    Remember, most people don't remember their past lives let alone get the chance to go back and view them- every life is a fresh start, with previous memories erased- Phoebe has no recollection of what her sisters PHYSICALLY looked like in the past, when she sees them, she sees them as they are now so when she travelled back in time and sees her sisters, her soul automatically recognizes theirs and she sees them as she knows them now.

    This goes for everyone, humans and witches. Usually one doesn't get re-incarnated back into the same time period they left, otherwise people they knew from their past would recognize them. Usually generations later people come back- and they along with everyone else start off with a clean slate- no memories of their prior life- if they run into someone they knew from a past life- im sure they see the person as they look now not as they were, but perhaps say to themselves "hmm something about them looks familiar- i know them from somewhere." We've all had those experiences. If everyone walked around seeing different things depending on if you knew someone in a past life or not- things would get very confusing. If i knew you in a past life as a blonde- and I run into you in this life and your a brunette, but I see you as a blonde because thats how i knew you- and I referred to you as the blonde when speaking about you- no one would know what I'm talking about/ think im crazy- So it's very probable that people see individuals for as they currently are but say to themselves "hmm something about them is familiar, i know them from somewhere etc." And like phoebe, if one gets the ability to time travel and witness past lives of friends family etc, you'd see them as you know them now- your soul recognizes their soul and processes it to look like what your familiar with. I'm sure the same goes for the reverse- say Phoebe Bowen traveled to the future and sees Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell, its very likely that she would see herself and her "cousins" as she knows them (physically different from our Prue Piper and Phoebe) Her soul recognizes their souls and processes them as what shes familiar with.

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    p4fan4ever (Saturday, 06 October 2012 06:33)

    Now take the odd occurrence of someone being reborn into the same generation or the same lifetime as they died in.

    First Grams- she knew what her mother (past life piper) physically looked like. (The audience was not privy to what past piper actually looked like.) Now her mother is reborn as her granddaughter Piper Halliwell- Grams may very well have seen her mother when looking at Piper, but was able to turn it off by focusing and see Piper for how she looks now. When know it can be done because Phoebe said, she was able to focus when looking at Prue and see her actual body. Past life Piper's physical form may actually have had eyes like Paige- we dont know what Piper's old physical form looked like- but we know she had eyes like Paige.

    Now onto Prue- She takes over this body and the people who knew her as Prue Halliwell recognize her as such. The people who didnt know her before (Paige) just see the physical form of Patience. Now this has never been done before, taking over a soulless body- magic switches, Prue soul melds with the body, the body becomes hers and her soul matches the outer appearance- Prue no longer looks like she did, she now looks like Patience. Prue had her own little version of re-incarnation. Just like when people are re-incarnated, they get a new body, their soul changes to look like their new body, the body is obviously their- the same essentially happened to Prue. Now the question remains- why don't the people that knew Prue see her as the Prue they once knew.

    If we are saying that the soul changes with the body, and someone has the rare opportunity to witness a past life, be it going through timetravel, or being alive when a person is reborn- regardless it doesn't change the fact that your soul can recognize another soul and see the person in question as you currently know them- why can't the girls/Darryl see Prue as Prue anymore. It's still Prue's soul.

    We can say, "we'll maybe grams doesn't see her mother in piper- maybe she feels something "familiar" about piper but doesn't actually see her mother" but if souls recognize souls why wouldn't it work both ways- why couldn't someone recognize a soul that has been reborn if they still have memories of the person in question? Are we claiming that only if you travel BACK in time and run into someone you know from the present, your soul will recognize theirs and you'll go "oh thats jimmy from work." If you meet someone before viewing their other life, when you do see their other life- where they presumably look different, you'll see said person as you CURRENTLY know them- well grams knew her mother before piper, piper was then born so technically Grams is viewing her mothers new life- why wouldn't she see piper as her mother? Why wouldnt the girls see prue as prue?

    I think Grams does see her mother in piper and focuses out on it as I explained above- but i still can't find a reason for prue!

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    Henry (Saturday, 06 October 2012 07:43)

    @p4fan4ever: I believe that after Rennek's plan, the magic that kept Prue's soul in Patience's body is gone, and Prue was blocked, melting with the body. Prue's soul now has Patience's appearance because she was not reincarnated. Prue owned a body for a long time. Perhaps it's the consequence of what she did. How many ghosts have done what Prue did? Not many. The result of Prue's actions is the loss of her apparence. Rennek's plan made ​​this permanent.

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    TheFanatic (Saturday, 06 October 2012 12:19)

    I don't believe that Prue's soul looks like Patience now. That just wouldn't make sense to me. I'm sure her soul still looks the same, it's hers. It's just that she owns the body now. I don't wanna turn this into some argument but I just don't think it's logical to believe that her soul now has the appearance of someone else. She just is allowed to keep the body. Whether they can see her soul now is a whole nother debate, I suppose.

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    P4fan4ever (Saturday, 06 October 2012 13:41)

    @thefanatic this isn't an argument or a debate- and again ur forgetting when she died in prue ya gunna call and her soul went to limbo it looked like patience - it has changed whether u find it logical or not it clearly happened

    Right exactly but what story girl and I were saying before was that even when you are reincarnated it would be assumed that ur soul changes appearance with each new body you get- just like prues did (and yea I know she was not reincarnated but the same effect of a new appearance happened) should we believe that p.baxter physically looked different then piper Halliwell but had the soul appearance of piper Halliwell? Leo said that p.baxter and the other cousin looked like prue and piper to PHOEBE cause her soul recognized there's - therefore physically one doesn't look the same from life to life- like story girl said - if that we're the case everytime you look at a picture ud see the same people over and over again- and I find it hard to believe that the. Cousins, who are assumed to physical look different then the sisters, had souls that look how the sisters look but body's not matching?

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    P4fan4ever (Saturday, 06 October 2012 13:44)

    If someone is reincarnated I would find it hard to believe that their soul looks one way and their body another? And again it's clear that from life to life the physical boy changes, there's no way it remains looking the same or people would look at pictures and see the same people over and over again

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    Henry (Saturday, 06 October 2012 14:42)

    I think Prue's soul started to change BEFORE Rennek's plan. She possessed a body for too long time.... It's not natural! Maybe it's the way the nature tried to "punish her"... My thought is: when a soul is reincarned (like you said) the people that knew that person in life can recognize the soul. But Prue took over Patience's body for months, altering the natural order. Consequences: her soul changed, slowly, becoming identical to Patience. Than, Rennek's plan make her soul melting with Patience's body, that now is hers!

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    cyma (Saturday, 06 October 2012 15:09)


    @ You mentioned Darryl still couldn’t see her at the end of issue 24. Was it after everything was turned back to normal or before? I have still yet to read the last two issues.

    I got the impression from the show that since Phoebe was a witch she was able to recognize the souls when she went to the past. Same with her past life who went to the present and recognized her cousins. As for Paige even if she was magical, didn’t know Prue so that’s why she sees her as Patience.

    And since Darryl is a mortal, it would make sense he can’t see Prue even if he knows her. But because he was magical and still couldn't see Prue, I guess I would then go for only family can recognize each other since Dan's past life was of Grams's father. Or that magic was new to Darryl or that Prue's case was a very different situation to reincarnation.

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    p4fan4ever (Saturday, 06 October 2012 20:40)

    @Henry, I agree, I think her soul started changing before Rennek's plan-

    Here's how I look at this- I'm going to make it as simple and clear as possible-

    Let's use Piper and P.Baxter as examples... When Leo told Phoebe that her sisters looked the same to her because she recognized their souls- it was implied that in actuality, her sisters physically looked different in the 20's. So lets establish that- when someone is re-incaranted they physically look different from their previous life.

    Now, does this mean when a soul enters a new body it takes on the look of the new body as well? If we say 'No, a soul has a definite look, and just the physical body changes from life to life,' that would solve some of our problems yet create others.

    Lets go with the theory that a soul has a definitive look. In the case of P.Baxter/Piper Halliwell- that definitive look would be that of Piper Halliwell. We don't know what P.Baxter actually looked like but her soul looks like Piper, because when Phoebe saw P.Baxter, to Phoebe, she looked like Piper. Phoebe's soul recognized her sister's soul in P.Baxter. Now here's the question- are we to believe that a soul has a definitive look even though the physical body changes from life to life- if so, why all of a sudden does present day Piper's physical body match her soul? This also applies to Phoebe, Prue, Dan and Leo. I think that it's too farfetched to believe that the cousin's souls looked like Prue, Piper, and Phoebe but their physical bodies didnt, but then all of a sudden in 1999 their bodies matched their souls.

  • #52

    p4fan4ever (Saturday, 06 October 2012 20:58)

    So with that being said- I think its safe to assume that when a soul is reborn into a new physical form, it takes on the appearance of the new body- JUST LIKE WHAT HAPPENED TO PRUE. Whether someone is re-incarnated or takes over a body, the outcome is still the same- Prue has a new body thats officially hers (just like she would have had she actually been re-incarnated) and her soul now matches her physical form.

    Now, if we go with the theory that with each life the soul changes to match the physical body- it would stand to reason that if one were to run across the past life of a friend, loved one etc, their soul would instinctually recognize the other and you'd see them as you know them. EX. Say I'm dating a girl who's asian. Body and soul shes an asian girl. One day she dies and is reborn as an italian girl, body and soul she looks italian- years down the road I run into her- to the rest of the world she looks italian but my soul instinctually recognizes hers and I see her as the asian girl i once knew. My soul is recognizing her soul- my soul is recognizing her as the asian girl I once knew.

    If Prue's soul changed to look like Patience- in theory her sisters' souls should still recognize her as "Prue."

    and @cyma your theory would actually make sense however when the evil Enchantress (Paige's past life) came to the future- Paige's boss saw her looking like Paige, and he wasn't magical.

  • #53

    p4fan4ever (Saturday, 06 October 2012 21:13)

    MAYBE, now that Prue is Patience and they know her as she is now they no longer see her as her old self? Maybe the same thing happened with Grams, as she got to know Piper she saw her as Piper and not her mother (P.Baxter)

  • #54

    p4fan4ever (Sunday, 07 October 2012 01:18)

    But the Darryl problem still exists- He couldn't see her at all... he couldn't see her when she first orbed in and he couldn't see her now that the world is back to normal- and again, i don't think magic effects whether you can recognize a soul or not- Paige's boss recognized Paige as the evil enchantress and he wasn't magical- plus Darryl DID have magic when he was reunited with Prue so there goes that argument...

    Perhaps- since PATIENCE didn't technically die, she just had her soul stolen, maybe Prue's soul melded with some of Patience's life force or something- because Prue was technically reincarnated aka she wasn't sent back down to be reborn into a new body that was "made for her" so to speak- she took over a body that was already someone elses so maybe thats why her soul can no longer be seen and recognized? Somehow her soul melded with Patience left over life essence, it's a stretch but its the only thing i can come up with...

  • #55

    p4fan4ever (Sunday, 07 October 2012 01:19)

    Prue WASN'T*** technically reincarnated****

  • #56

    Henry (Sunday, 07 October 2012 05:49)

    I think (like you said) when a person is reincarnated or (like in Prue's case) own a body the soul change becoming like the new body! When Piper was born her grams' mother's soul reborn with her, but changed her "outfit"! So penny couldn't see her as her mother but just as piper! If penny travelled in the past she'd see her mother like Piper, because in the present time line P. Baxter soul is in piper body!! And the same is for Prue! If the sisters travelled in the past they'd see Prue like Patience because her soul (in the present time line) is like Patience!! I also think that phoebe past life when switched her soul with phoebe's soul didn't see Piper and Prue like her cousin but like they were in the present, because her cousin's souls changed

  • #57

    Henry (Sunday, 07 October 2012 05:58)

    Maybe the souls can recognize each other not from their appearance (like piper and phoebe did when they looked at Patience for the first time, because she wasn't reincarnated yet, or like phoebe did when travelled in the past) but for some kind of feeling... I don't know how to explain... Maybe (using your Asian girl example) when you see the Italian girl you see her (ad not the Asian one) because she reincarnated and her soul changed... But you can still feel that you know that soul, not for the appearance but for a "chain" between her and you! But if (after you have known the Italian girl) travelled in the past, you see the Asian girl like the Italian, you see the present form of her soul!

  • #58

    p4fan4ever (Sunday, 07 October 2012 07:27)

    @henry, I actually really like that theory! that makes a lot of sense- now I have a question- what did Evil phoebe see when looking at Prue and Piper in Pardon my Past when she and good phoebe switched places? And What did the Evil Enchantress see when she looked at Paige?

    another question- if I understand what your saying, your saying that in a present timeline, if someone were to run across someone from their past life - they would recognize them but by recognize you mean they would get a feeling of familiarity? But if they go back in time they'll see said person as they look in present time? Thats kinda like what I theorized above- I agree with that!

    Now in issue 12 when grams told the girls Prue was reincarnated and one day they'd recognize her soul (granted she was lying) but lets say Prue WAS reincarnated- how would her sisters know it was Prue- your suggesting they wouldn't see Prue but feel a connection to her?

    Interesting theory that could work!

  • #59

    p4fan4ever (Sunday, 07 October 2012 07:33)

    @Henry, that theory really does work- the only hole would be when past lives travel to present time... ex. when evil phoebe traveled to present time and same for evil enchantress- evil phoebe recognized prue and piper as her cousins, and the evil enchantress recognized paige as her counterpart... If we go with your theory then present paige would a PHYSICALLY look different then evil enchantress and present prue/piper would look different than the cousins- so how did evil enchantress recognize paige as herself and past phoebe recognize prue/piper as her cousins

  • #60

    Henry (Sunday, 07 October 2012 08:42)

    @p4fan4ever: Like I said, in Phoebe's case, I think that Evil Phoebe, looking at Prue and Piper, saw them just as they are. But she knew that her cousins's soul were in them (because of that chain I was talking about). And Evil Phoebe was in present Phoebe's body, so maybe she could channel her memories, see what present Phoebe saw in her travel in the past! The case of Evil Paige is different... In that case both Paige and the Evil Enchantress have the same soul... So I think that Evil Enchantress saw Paige as Paige, but she knew that Paige was her counterpart because, tecnically, they have the same soul in the same time!

  • #61

    cyma (Sunday, 07 October 2012 09:31)

    @ very nice analysis p4fan4ever and Henry. Here are my rather long thoughts and analysis:

    1) Instead of seeing what P.Baxter's and Prue’s past life’s physical appearance, Phoebe saw the physical appearance of her sisters, Piper & Prue. We the viewers saw Holly and Shannen.

    2)P. Rusell in Phoebe’s body saw her cousins’ physical appearance when looking at Prue and Piper, but we the audience saw Holly and Shannen again.

    3) Piper and Phoebe saw the Evil Enchantress as Paige. We the audience saw Rose McGowan.

    4) The Prince saw Evil Enchantress physical appearance instead of seeing Paige’s physical appearance. But to us the audience yet again saw Rose McGowan.

    5) Paige's boss saw Paige when he encountered the Evil Enchantress.

    6) Evil Enchantress saw what I can assume, her reflection when she saw Paige. Same goes for Paige, seeing her own face in a green dress and looking menacing.

    7) Since Grams watched Piper grow up, I doubt she’d instantly see her mother’s physical appearance in an infant or child. So I would have to go for feeling thing as Henry above suggested. And if she ever had a chance to travel to the past, she would see her mother’s physical appearance ofcourse instead of seeing her granddaughter. Also since Grams is unique to have her mother as her grandchild o.0 I think she actually needs to see two different people or it would get really confusing. So in this case, I would go for the ‘feeling’ thing.


    1)When Phoebe and Paige switched bodies, Piper didn’t recognize their souls. Neither did Cole. I assume it was the spell, Paige wanting to be Phoebe.

    2) When Phoebe switched bodies with Amara, Piper and Paige didn’t recognize Phoebe’s soul and vanquished her. I blame the spell for masking Phoebe’s appearance.

    3) When Leo and Piper switched bodies, no soul recognizing yet again. Spell, I assume?

    4) Piper and Phoebe recognized Prue’s soul in Patience body. Paige didn’t. Neither did Darryl.

    Now since Prue, WASN’T reincarnated, we the audience see her as Patience due to the whole Shannen owning her image thing. Paige sees her as Patience due to never knowing her. Darryl, despite knowing her for three years, doesn’t seem to recognize her soul even before the world turned back to normal.

    My modified theories for Darryl not being able to see her are:

    1)ONLY Piper and Phoebe can see her. If I can recall correctly, I think Cole also didn’t see her as Prue while she was in Patience body. And was it ever mentioned how Leo and Victor saw her? Because I don’t remember reading it. Perhaps, this is it, ONLY Phoebe and Piper can see her and not anyone else. Due to the whole Power of Four thing? Some magical sisterly connection? A combination of the reasons?

    2) If first theory is proven wrong, then I would go for p4fan4ever theory: She’s starting to look like Patience to others. If Evil Enchantress and P. Russel stayed for longer in the present like six months or year then perhaps their physical appearances would start showing up instead of seeing them as Paige or Phoebe. When Darryl saw Prue, much time had passed since she had possessed the body so he could only see her as Patience. It also explains why Phoebe needs to focus hard to be able to see Prue as Prue instead of Patience.

    It seems like this ability to see others that you knew in another lifetime, or your present one, it’s for a limited time only.

  • #62

    Henry (Sunday, 07 October 2012 11:41)

    @cyma: I like you theory, but the "limited time" part is a bit odd.
    Recapitulating: According to me, when a soul reincarnates, it changes, becoming equal to the new body. Traveling in the past, you see the soul as it appear in his/her present form. Instead, if you travel in the future, the souls physically change but you recognize the soul for a certain familiarity.
    -Particularly, P. Russel (in present Phoebe's body) recognizes the souls of her cousins both for this "chain", both because she can access the memoirs of Phoebe (she is in her body, after all);
    -The Evil Enchantress recognizes herself in Paige because they have the same soul at the same time;
    -The prince sees Paige as the Enchantress because of the spell that has tied him to the bad witch: in a certain sense, he has been bewitched by the soul of the Enchantress that now is in Paige body... so he recognizes Enchantress' soul because of the spell!

  • #63

    TheFanatic (Sunday, 07 October 2012 12:02)

    Henry, I like your theory of them being able to "see" Prue's soul because of a feeling because to be honest, we know that Charmed contradicts itself a lot so the whole reincarnation/souls being inside other bodies thing doesn't really add up if you count all the time that the sisters haven't recognized each other when someone else was possessing their bodies.

    And cyma, I like the way you broke it down but Darryl didn't see Prue at the time when Phoebe and Piper could no longer see her anymore because of the "new world, new rules." Because of the magic switch, they could no longer see Prue's soul.

    Also, I'm not sure if Prue's soul can now look like Patience because the owns the body...then what would Patience's soul look like? Yes, I know Charon took her soul but if Prue's spirit looks like her, then what is that saying about how SHE looks now? She's still a soul...just trapped in Hell as far as we know.

  • #64

    p4fan4ever (Sunday, 07 October 2012)

    I had time at worked today so i'm typing up a detailed explanation of my theory, henry's theory and possibly taking the best of both and making one theory...

  • #65

    p4fan4ever (Tuesday, 16 October 2012 04:37)

    @henry I re-read everything and realized we were saying the same things- when you meet someone in a new life you may have a feeling of familiarity- Prue melded with patience body etc.- we were pretty much reiterating stuff lol

    and i proposed two theories- the one about recognizing souls aka seeing a soul how YOU knew or know them- and then the other one i thru out there before you joined the convo (im not sure if thats where you got it from? if so COOL! if not then great minds think a like) but it basically proposed the same!

    i said "We can say, "we'll maybe grams doesn't see her mother in piper- maybe she feels something "familiar" about piper but doesn't actually see her mother" but if souls recognize souls why wouldn't it work both ways- why couldn't someone recognize a soul that has been reborn if they still have memories of the person in question? Are we claiming that only if you travel BACK in time and run into someone you know from the present, your soul will recognize theirs and you'll go "oh thats jimmy from work."

    and then i went back to the first theory "If you meet someone before viewing their other life, when you do see their other life- where they presumably look different, you'll see said person as you CURRENTLY know them- well grams knew her mother before piper, piper was then born so technically Grams is viewing her mothers new life- why wouldn't she see piper as her mother? Why wouldnt the girls see prue as prue?"

    and after thinking about it- I realized that the second theory that we proposed (about souls changing) if our best bet- it way less confusing and concise- I did however type up both theories and how they tie up all the loose ends so they both work- i guess pick and choose the ones that people like best

    I know @cyma agrees with the first theory and @henry you agree with the second! Hey as long as the plot holes are filled in and we agree that Prue looks like patience (and the girls can not see her) i guess we're good to go!

  • #66

    p4fan4ever (Tuesday, 16 October 2012 04:40)

    *is our best bet

  • #67

    p4fan4ever (Tuesday, 16 October 2012 04:51)

    @henry @cyma we pretty much are all saying the same things, we're just reiterating each other statements - so I guess we can say we all agree about reincarnation and prue etc (i just re-read everything and if you re-read it you see we were all saying the same things- i mentioned the feeling thing, then henry then cyma- we all think prue changed- we're all saying the same things)

  • #68

    p4fan4ever (Tuesday, 16 October 2012 04:57)

    I said the familiar thing in comments 43 & 44, i said the souls changing theory in 44 like henry later proposed as well- cyma posted his theories- id say we're all on the same page now!

  • #69

    Julie (Thursday, 18 October 2012 16:18)

    Is it possible that Prue may have been translated than reincarnated.

  • #70

    TheFanatic. (Thursday, 18 October 2012 16:30)

    I asked Paul on facebook whether the issue would be addressed in the future and he said yes.

  • #71

    Julie (Friday, 19 October 2012 15:25)

    @TheFanactic well that's good.