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    Henry (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 09:55)

    Glynnis is back! And now she is very cute!

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    Henry (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 10:04)

    Like I said before, i do not like Patience's hair. But this new artist made ​​her look like Shannen! Her eyes are green / gray!

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    chloefan03 (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 10:06)

    can you say more things please :)

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    Henry (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 11:08)

    Prue is fighting a magic gang with a demon. The witch hopes Anoraq (the demon) will give her some information on the Rennek's plan.
    Meanwhile in the manor, Piper is manipulating the molecules of a vase (or at least I think) but the effect of her power does not last long and the vase is broken. The girls communicate it to Darryl that has become a government agent, and must protect the Halliwells.
    Then Prue orbs in the room. She's very tired because of the battle. Darryl can not recognize her (he sees Patience and not Prue), and even her sisters. Phoebe says: "Usually I can only see her (Patience) if I focus."
    Prue thinks it is "another fun part of a magical world turned upside down."
    Prue communicates to her sisters that Rennek stole the Grimoire before implementing his plan. Now the sisters are confident that ther's Rennek behind all this. Paige leads Darryl to the attic to explain him what a Grimoire is.
    Prue, Piper and Phoebe talk.
    Meanwhile Glynnis arrives and explains to Phoebe that her non-magical weapons now have powers.
    Prue and Piper continue their conversation. Prue tells her sister that she was away because she wanted to find a solution to the problem. She believed to be the cause of this whole thing.

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    Henry (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 11:31)

    Leo hears Glynnis' voice and reaches her, asking why he can not get rid of the wings and sword. The girl tells him that is not wielding the Empyreal Sword.
    Meanwhile Rennek (which now owns the Grimoire and the Empyreal Sword) must leave his Paradise, to control the situation. The Darklighter decides not to dirty his hands, and sends another magic gang against the Charmed Ones.
    Back at home, Leo begins to think that Rennek have used a good object (the Empyreal Sword) and an instrument of evil (Grimoire) to implement his plan. Darryl announces the arrival of another Magic gang. Glynnis informs the girls that she has a truck full of magical weapons with which the now-non-magical community can defend itself. Prue flies on the roof of the house and tries to stop the enemies, using all her powers. Piper accidentally blows up a weapon. Prue drops a Gargoyle from the Manor's roof and Paige uses her orb shield to protect Phoebe from the Gargoyle. Meanwhile, Phoebe has a premonition in which she sees Prue dying. Prue (who, like Phoebe, has seen her own death) drives out the enemy and plunges screaming "The Power of Three Will Set You Free". The witch goes into a strange dimension where she meets Cole (who disappeared for months). The former demon says to Prue that "Since magic shifted on earth, the entrances to the upper regions and the Underworld have been closed to everyone, whether or not magical. The dead can not move on. The ghosts can't exists on earth".

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    Henry (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 11:51)

    Prue tells Cole that thanks to her gesture, her sisters will recover their powers. She is glad to do her part, but she is tired of having to sacrifice for others. She is tired of having to die. Cole points out that she's never been the "why me" type before. and Prue replies "Dying Few times has an effect on a person." Cole responds by saying that the souls of people with powers that are in that dimension can cause a hole to return to earth one of them two. Cole wants Prue to do it. But first he communicates her something interesting about the battle that they must fight (of course we do not know what it is).
    Meanwhile, Paige tries to heal Prue saying "Come on, Prue. I'm not letting you get away this time" (the phrase is probably the most beautiful of the whole issue). Prue wakes up and says to her sisters: "I figured if i used up all the magic in me, the powers might revert to you." Now Prue has no powers but thanks to Cole she knows someone they can talk to about Rennek.

    To be continued

    Sorry if I was unclear. Unfortunately I do not speak English very well.
    I really enjoyed this issue. The conversation between Cole and Prue was very nice. And the designs are very beautiful. There are still some inaccuracies, the Manor does not seem the Manor, and I do not like Prue/Patience's hair (I know, I said it a thousand times). But otherwise this new artist has been very good. The characters are expressive and closely resemble the actors (especially Piper). Do not wait to read the next issue!

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    gc (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 12:55)

    I cannot wait for volume 4 so I can read this issue! It sounds amazing and I love the Prue/Cole moments. Sucks Cole is stuck, but obviously he'll be back for the season finale.

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 13:23)

    my one question is.... if prue's soul left her body and went to that place... in theory shouldnt it have looked like shannen?

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 13:33)

    also ive asked this question before...

    you know the plane that piper went to when she died in season 2 episode awakened... it looks like the same plane paige went to in the last witch effort... now we know this isnt the ghostly plane so do you think it is the spiritual plane (we've never see the spiritual plane to say this place isnt...) the plane spirits go to when they cant/wont move on as heard about in season 6 episode love's a witch... the plane where plasma balls are created and ghosts hang out... It would make sense that it is the spiritual plane and it would also be safe to say that that is where prue and cole ended up in this issue (but this time the light is gone because of the magical shift as explained by cole) Ghosts are there because they cant move on... prue like piper and paige before her was still connected to her body so shes kind of in a between life and death state....

    the ghostly plane we know its the transitional plane right before the afterlife- but maybe this place is infact the spirtual plane- a place where ghosts hang out- people who are still connected to their bodies or are earth bound.... what do you all think?

    im not sure why piper went to the spirit plane (if thats what we are calling it) but that guy in season 6 went straight to the ghostly plane (the bus driver that leo and piper saw) since him and piper were in the same state (both flat lined yet still able to be resuscitated)

    what do you all think?

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    Henry (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 16:05)

    @p4fan4ever I believe Prue's soul has Ptience's appearance because of Rennek's plan. I'm not sure but could be related to the fact that Darryl does not recognize her soul. Maybe this will be detailed in future issues.

    Regarding the spirit plane, you're right. Probably Prue is in the same place where Paige was in #10-11. But I'm not sure it is the same place mentioned in seasons 2 and 6. We all know that Charmed has several continuity problems. But, although this is not an idea of the writers, we might consider it as one place. Maybe Piper ended up in the spirit plane because she had a score to settle with Leo at the time. But, I repeat, this is speculation. The writers are not careful as we do!

    Instead, in your opinion, what exactly does Prue on page 2? Or Piper on page 4? Or Prue on page 15?

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 16:33)

    @henry, I think im going to consider it one place... i wrote a some what detailed explanation why i think its the spirtual plane on the facebook page... ill post it here (it was very similar to my comment) and what did you want my opinion on- id love to give it!

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 16:41)

    I think you mean powers they use?

    Well piper i think it was either vibrating aka getting ready to explode since her molecular combustion speeds the molecules up or it was just slowly falling like the glass did with Kat... since pipers power is weakened its just a weakened version of her powers...

    Prue however... she clearly deflected the bean that hit the gargoyle- kinda like she did with agent Rodriguez... i just think the artist depiction of it made it kinda look the actual power of deflection... as for the other powers... the way the artist depicted them might be difficult to pin point but on page 2 prue could be using molecular combustion and on 15 shes using her TK powers

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 17:16)

    heres what i posted on the facebook page

    you know the plane that piper went to when she died in season 2 episode awakened... it looks like the same plane paige went to in the last witch effort... now we know this isnt the ghostly plane so do you think its the spiritual plane mentioned in season 6 episode love's a witch... the plane where plasma balls are created and spirits (or ghosts) who can't/wont move on reside...

    we know that the only spirits that go to the GHOSTLY plane are the ones that are ACTUALLY dead and headed straight for the afterlife... piper and paige weren't actually dead, BUT they were spirits tethered to life so is it possible they got transported to the ghostly plane: a plane where spirits who cant/wont move on reside, a plane between life and death where spirits one way or another are still connected to life?

    it's also interesting to note that this could very well be where prue and cole ended up. (The light is gone, like cole said, because all entrances to the the other planes of existence are shut off) if this is the place where souls or spirits go that cant or wont move on, a limbo between life and death, heaven and hell, and if all entrances into other planes are gone, any soul that cant make the necessary journey to the afterlife (the ghostly plane then onto the afterlife) would end up here now that magic has gone all wonky. and the normal ghosts that would normally reside there cant exist on earth because magic has gone all wonky. Prue, like piper and paige, was still connected to her body since she wasn't technically dead yet, thus making her a spirit that cant move.

    so what do you all think... is this place the spiritual plane where spirits that cant/wont move on go? If this essentially where "Ghosts live" in between hauntings and attacking?

    however im not sure why piper went to the spirit plane (if thats what we are calling it) but that guy in season 6 went straight to the ghostly plane (the bus driver that leo and piper saw while there) since him and piper were in the same state (both flat lined yet still able to be resuscitated- unless he was meant to die and circumstances changed like paige in styx feet under?

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    Seerempath (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 18:02)

    P4fan4ever, Prue would never use MC and people (gang or no gang), plus what she did looked nothing like MC or MA. Most likely, and this is just a guest because of the symbol behind her, she was using the actual powwer of three.

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 18:14)

    forget my last post about myfacebook comment... here is my actual one.. the other one was a mistake... i would love to get your opinions!!!

    so the plane that piper went to when she died in season 2 episode awakened... it looks like the same plane paige went to in the last witch effort... now we know this isnt the ghostly plane so do you think its the spiritual plane mentioned in season 6 episode love's a witch... the plane where plasma balls are created and spirits (or ghosts) who can't/wont move on reside because they are still connected to life, be it physically (as in the case of Piper and Paige) or mentally (unfinished business)?

    We know that the only spirits that go to the GHOSTLY PLANE are the ones that are ACTUALLY dead and are headed straight for the afterlife... Piper and Paige weren't actually dead BUT they did become spirits, however still tethered to life so is it possible they got transported to the spiritual plane?

    It's also interesting to note that this could very well be where Prue and Cole ended up in "Prue Ya Gunna Call?." Cole states that because of the magical shift, and the entrances being closed off into the other planes, souls that want to move on can't and are instead transported to this place. Spirits that cant/wont move on are called what? Ghosts. And where do these "ghosts" end up? The spiritual plane. As for the actual ghosts, Cole explains that since magic has gone all screwy, they can no longer exist on earth. Whether they want to be there or not, everyone is now trapped in this supposed "spiritual plane."

    Cole goes on to call this place somewhere in between life and death, heaven and hell- very similar to how Kyle described the place he and Paige where in together during Last Witch Effort, a place that looked very similar to where Piper ended up in Awakened. Now, if we know/agree that the spiritual plane is a place spirits who cant/wont move on reside- obviously it is not the afterlife and it is obviously not life itself- it is a place "in between."

    After Prue fell from the sky, she clearly didn't die or else Paige wouldn't have been able to heal her. Her soul was still tethered to her body since she technically wasn't dead yet, but like Piper and Paige, her soul left it's "corporeal housing" (a side effect of almost dying) and she ended up, if it's safe to say, in the spiritual plane. Only people who are actually dead and their physical bodies have expired go to the ghostly plane/the afterlife unless you of course refuse to go due to a physical and emotional attraction to something (Like Olivia Calloway or Elias Lundy) resulting in you becoming a ghost.

    so what do you all think... is this place the spiritual plane where spirits that cant/wont move on go? If this essentially where "Ghosts live" in between hauntings and attacking?

    however im not sure why piper went to the spirit plane (if thats what we are calling it) but that guy in season 6 went straight to the ghostly plane (the bus driver that leo and piper saw while there) since him and piper were in the same state (both flat lined yet still able to be resuscitated- unless he was meant to die and circumstances changed like paige in styx feet under?

    Many times, either the girls or another character "almost died on charmed" and very few times do we ever see their soul leave, maybe they were transported to the spiritual plane until leo brought them back ;)

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 18:17)

    and seerempath your probably right, my bad... however my other interpretations of the powers, i still stick with... i think some of it, if it looked odd for the power, was just the artists way of interpreting it

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 18:17)

    i still wanna know why prue looked like patience

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    Henry (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 18:22)

    @Seerempath, I think that Prue used MI on them... I think that the explosion was created by the enemies and that Prue is only rejecting the explosion (around her hands there is a light blue). And on the next page Piper is slowing the vessel that sinks slowly down until it breaks!
    Instead, before "dying" Prue generates an earthquake with MA and uses the altered version of the Power of Three spell to teleport the magic gangs away.

    @p4fan4ever, I totally agree with you! And as I said first, probably in season 2 Piper was tied to the Earth because she had not yet solved her problems with Leo! For that she ended up in the spirit plane.

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    @p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 19:01)

    @henry I agree- I think if you just die the angel of death comes like in styx feet under, ur body leaves your soul and ur taken to the ghostly plane/ afterlife and its a done deal.. but if u r confused, angry, have unfinished business, refuse to go etc- u become a ghost and ur temporary home is earth/the spiritual plane- almost like a purgatory for ghosts. Remember when the genie blinked the charmed ones dead but leo saved piper making the wish null and void- the wish could not be fulfilled this the charmed ones couldnt move on to the ghostly plane/ afterlife so they became ghosts. Charlene hughes didnt know she died, she was confused and became a ghost until she completed her unfinished business/ found peace. if you are on the brink of death and your spirit is lingering you can become a ghost like in i dream of phoebe/the power of two episode when prue takes the heart stopping potion/ saving private leo when piper died/ or for whatever the reason transport directly to the spiritual plane (and if theory is correct, as a ghost you can go back and forth like olivia calloway- she died, had unfinished business/was pissed- didnt move on but resided in the spiritual plane and moved to and from earth at will)

    but if you straight up die like prue and paige in styx feet under you are taken directly by the angel of death and brought to the ghostly plane to be transported to the after life- again unless you refused to go but prue and paige knew better than that.

    I like to think the spinning light is usally always there in the spiritual plane so ghosts know they have the option of going to the afterlife if they want- kind of like ghost whisperer- sometimes in ghost whisper ghosts can see the light they just choose not to go in it and stay earth bound- and in a later episode you see that, until they move on, they too hang out in a similar place as they move to and from earth

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 20 June 2012 19:05)

    or maybe prue did end up in the spiritual plane like last time she just went into the light herself ;) (if we are going with my theory that its there to give spirits with unfinished business the chance to go into the light)

    so many possibilities but i feel safe to say the place is the spiritual plane

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    Excalibur90 (Thursday, 21 June 2012 04:22)

    In page two prue uses orb shield to protect herself from energy beams, levitation and Mol. immobilization to froze them (because its like they dissapeared or frozen. Cn anyone explain what powers are used in this issue and by who excactly?

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    Henry (Thursday, 21 June 2012 05:13)

    Prue: Telekinesis, Levitation, Orb Shield, Molecular Immobilation, Orbing, Molecular Acceleration, Premonition (out screen), Power of Three (through spell)to teleport away magic gangs.
    Piper: Molecolar Immobilation or Acceleration (in weak form), Molecolar Combustion
    Phoebe: Premonition
    Paige: Orb Shield, Healing
    Rennek: Teleport(?)--> He grabs the Empyreal Sword and leaves his Paradise to go in a dimension where he can observe the Earth.

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    Henry (Thursday, 21 June 2012 05:15)

    Oh, and of course Leo has his wings. But he doesen't use them in this issue!

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    Excalibur90 (Thursday, 21 June 2012 06:09)

    Thank you! Prue used Mol. acceleration??? when? and also what power piper used in the fourth page?

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    Henry (Thursday, 21 June 2012 09:13)

    In page 14 Prue is using Molecular Accelleration to generate an earthqauke against magic gangs! In page 4 Piper used molecular Immobilation (in a weak form)... She's slowing the vessel that sinks slowly down until it breaks.. At last I think so!

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    Cronus (Thursday, 21 June 2012 10:41)

    I'm sorry, but how did Piper Phoebe and Paige gain their powers back ? Weren't they stripped in the previous issue ?

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    Henry (Thursday, 21 June 2012 11:47)

    Prue uses all her magic. She says: "I figured if i used up all the magic in me, the powers might revert to you."

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    p4fan4ever (Thursday, 21 June 2012 12:25)

    question... i see prue uses orb shield right before the magic gangs disappear but where did they go? I'm assuming prue didnt vanquish them?

    also i tweeted paul about prue's soul looking like patience here was his response

    Me-just read #22 it was great i do have a question though y did prues soul look like patience, in theory wouldnt it look like prue

    Paul Ruditis- Because we don't have the legal right for the character look like that. (I'll give a serious answer next week.)

    Me- cool cant wait look forward to it :) thank u for answering my question u seriously r awesome

    Paul Ruditis -Thanks. But I will point out that the answer to your Patience question is in the issue. You just have to connect the dots.

    Me- I'll see if I can try and figure it ;)

    Paul Ruditis-Good luck!

    Me- haha thank u hope i figure it out otherwise im going to be racking my brain for a week! :-p

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    sephjames (Thursday, 21 June 2012 14:52)

    I have to say the art is dazzling, and very refreshing. I hope Rubine becomes the permanent artist. Unfortunately, this issue was a little confusing. I'm glad that Phoebe had a premonition though.

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    sephjames (Thursday, 21 June 2012 14:58)

    Also, I think Neena might be the voice beyond the grave.

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    Henry (Thursday, 21 June 2012 15:01)

    @p4fan4ever: Look what I read on Twitter:

    Fan: Oh, and Prue's soul has Patience's appearance for the same reason Darryl can not recognize her soul, right?
    Paul Ruditis: Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

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    p4fan4ever (Thursday, 21 June 2012 16:48)

    I figured that as well but my question still remains... why... why does she look like patience and why does darryl and phoebe see her as such

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    sephjames (Thursday, 21 June 2012 17:42)

    @p4fan4ever: Since Phoebe, Piper & Paige lost their magical abilities, they can no longer recognize Prue's soul clearly. See, it's all magically connected and since they have no magic they can't see Prue. Also, Darryl isn't naturally magical, so I'm guessing that is why he can't recognize Prue's soul.

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    Henry (Thursday, 21 June 2012 17:56)

    Or maybe Rennek made ​​sure that nobody could recognize Prue (making her soul like Patience) to "weaken" her!

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    Shax (Friday, 22 June 2012 16:39)

    <<Paul Ruditis- Because we don't have the legal right for the character look like that. (I'll give a serious answer next week.)>>

    Ok Is this a joke? I don't understand if Paul is joking.

    What is the serious answer?

    I think the likeness of Shannen don't has nothing to do with the soul of Patience.

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    p3nathan (Saturday, 23 June 2012 08:50)

    I've yet to read the issue yet, but I heard Prue made the earthquake with TK orbing.

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    Henry (Saturday, 23 June 2012 09:14)

    Yes, I read it, too. But this power has never been used this way. It 's true, there are some blue sparks around the street, but I think it's more logical to think MA. In issue 4 Piper has melted the road. I think it's more or less the same.

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    FANaticyeah (Saturday, 23 June 2012 10:37)

    Shax- The likeness of Shannen has everything to do with it. In reality, when Prue was sent to the spiritual plane, she should have looked like HERSELF not like Patience, because it was her SOUL that was sent there. However, because they don't have the rights to Shanne's likeness, they couldn't have her look like herself and had to keep her in Patience's body.

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    p4fan4ever (Saturday, 23 June 2012 17:36)

    Paul and I had a whole convo about it on twitter yesterday (or possibly the day before i dont remember lol its the summer haha) and basically plot wise- the reason for her looking like patience is simply because its a side effect of the spell or as prue states to darryl "I guess this is another fun part of a magical world turned upside down."

    thats why phoebe can no longer see prue and neither can darryl etc.

    speaking of souls- another fun debate- if people's "souls" can recognize" other peoples souls- as stated by leo in pardon my past- why cant the piper and paige realize phoebe's soul has been swapped with Amoras in season 7 episode freaky phoebe... or why cant piper/cole realize that paige and phoebe swapped souls in enter the demon?!

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    GC (Sunday, 24 June 2012 02:58)

    Plot holes are always fun.

    So I guess this all means Prue and Cole can't have magic demon/witch babies together =/ #Fantasycrushed.

    lol. I can't wait for volume 4.

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    macp4 (Sunday, 24 June 2012 09:13)

    P4fan4ever- my theory is that perhaps the potion that was used to swap souls masked the swaped soul, im sure amora thougt of that ... Maybe

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    Cronus (Sunday, 24 June 2012 15:26)

    You mean Imara :)

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    p4fan4ever (Thursday, 28 June 2012 12:12)

    just re-watched forever charmed and question... if only present christy was vanquished doesn't that mean past christy would have had to be vanquished too! just like piper vanquished past and present dumane!

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    Barron (Friday, 29 June 2012 13:24)

    Wait a minute. In the cover of Power of 300, Prue looked like she was using her telekinesis through her eyes and everyone has either a power or weapon. But, Prue lost her powers in this issue and the cover doesn't show she has a weapon. Is she going to get her powers back in the next issue The Darklight Zone or by the end of this season?

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    jeremy scott ailes (Tuesday, 03 July 2012 21:47)

    good post

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    p4fan4ever (Friday, 06 July 2012 14:56)

    maybe she'll finally learn how to use patience powers

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    Henry (Saturday, 07 July 2012 18:33)

    I hope that!!! But I want new powers!! Stop with telecinesis XD

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    p4fan4ever (Wednesday, 11 July 2012 20:19)

    I think it would be great if she learned patience powers- we get prue with a bran new power- able to fight along side her sisters as a fellow witch! i think it would be awesome!

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    Henry (Thursday, 12 July 2012 11:45)

    StoryGirl83 what do you think about this issue?? Have you any ideas about the powers used in it??

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    Julie (Friday, 13 July 2012 15:54)

    I thought Paige and Kyle ended up in the Cosmic void in Last Witch Effort not the spiritual plane.

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    Julie (Friday, 13 July 2012)

    P4fan I dont know maybe Cole could see Paige and Phoebs spirits in each others bodies.and just decided to play along with it not knowing that he was gettin alesson out of it to.

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    p4fan4ever (Tuesday, 17 July 2012 02:02)

    what made you think they were in the cosmic void... there was a light in the place where paige and kyle were... just like where piper was in season 2... if that was the cosmic void then wouldnt cole be bale to walk into that light and successfully move on

  • #53

    Julie (Thursday, 26 July 2012 12:36)

    Yeah, your right P4 I think they have been in the spiritual plane.

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    StoryGirl83 (Sunday, 29 July 2012 22:07)

    @Henry Sorry for taking so long to answer. I don't frequent the spoiler section all that much, so I didn't see your question. I will attempt to do so now.

    Favorite thing in the issue: Darryl asking about Andy. When I told Paul that he wasn't surprised. I mean my favorite part of "The Heavens Can Wait" was Andy's cameo flashback and I'm pretty sure Paul had a suspicion about that before he wrote the issue (I tweeted a list of most of the characters I wanted to see in the comics that hadn't appeared as of then and I listed Andy twice at least).

    Second Favorite thing in the Issue: Cole's new "title". What can I say? "Mayor of Deadtown" just has me cracking up.

    I have not yet tried to figure out the powers used in this episode. At least in this one I suspect I can figure out what they are. First, based off what Prue told her sisters, I believe she used pretty much every single power (not glamouring or healing obviously) she had at her disposal to try and fend off the Magical Gang. I do not know that we saw them all, but I'm pretty sure she used almost all of them. The most obvious was both her and Phoebe using Phoebe's premonition power and Prue levitating (twice I think). Oh, and Paige healing Prue at the end.

    The Art: Okay, I can see where people are coming from on the likeness thing for Prue, but I don't think it's all that close, just an expression here and there. I liked Piper and Phoebe's likeness and thought Paige looked aweful. We are going to skip Leo, because I've only seen two artists get him even remotely in my mind. On the other hand I LOVED one of the likenesses of Darryl. And as has been pointed out, Glynnis was pretty. I think they should have kept her clothes similar since her appearance clearly wasn't. Rennek (and I've had one person tell me not really and another say not at all) made me think of Brad Pitt which cracked me up. His assistant turned into a valkarie or so it looked (obviously she didn't, but she looked it . . . and not Charmed valkaries, valkaries from a game I've played). Not sure what I think of Cole's looks.

    Story: Other than a feeling right when Prue arrived that I was missing a couple lines of dialogue where Prue told them something, anything, I liked the story line, especially the above mentioned comments. Or maybe it was Phoebe saying she usually say Patience, giving the impression that she frequently saw Prue and had been having this issue for a while. I hope that Prue is able to use Patience's powers, but I worry about the end of this. Unless they get permission for Shannen's likeness, if something happens to Prue, she will be gone all over, again. I don't mind her not being around all of the time. I just want the potential to be there and for that potential to be fulfilled every once in a while. And I'm probably never getting to actually see Andy if she doesn't stick around, because while he was a childhood of Piper and maybe Phoebe, he wasn't close enough to them for him to show up because of them and not Prue.

    Okay. Last thing. Did you guys having this debate read the issue? It seems pretty clear to me that Cole et al are NOT in either the spiritual plane or cosmic void or the astral plane (if anyone wants to put that one out there) or anything else we've ever seen before.

    Prue: Cole, I was wondering where you disappeared to. Which is where exactly?
    Cole: Between.
    Prue: Between what?
    Cole: Life and death. The heavens and the underworld. Everything.
    Prue: You mean that void you've been in all these years? (See she asked.)
    Cole: No. (And he denied that one.) This is something else. (Giving me the impression that this is something new.) Since magic shifted on earth the entrances to the upper regions and the underworld have been closed to everyone whether magical or not. The dead can't move on. The ghosts can't exist on earth. (Hense why Cole is there, I guess.) The white light has faded to this. (Which gives me the impression that this USED to be where Leo saved Piper from the fever in season two, which didn't look at all like the spiritual plane. And I mean used to be. I don't think this is that either. I think it is something new created by the magical issues. It is definitely not the void though, because Prue directly asked about that and Cole, who would know, denied it.)

    You wanted my opinion, well there it is.

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    p4fan4ever (Monday, 30 July 2012 11:27)

    @StoryGirl83 but we've never actually seen the spiritual plane, just heard about it- and we know that there are 11 planes of existence (as stated by phoebe- which you can see in the link im posting) so what else could this be? Ghosts live essentially in the spiritual plane- and since magic shifted, as stated by cole ghosts can't exist on earth (just like Cole can't) and they can't move to the afterlife cause the light has faded... now we've seen the "light" on two planes- the ghostly plane and the plane piper/leo paige/kyle went to. We know this place isnt the ghostly plane cause the ghostly plane looks just like earth only grey- so the place cole and prue went to has to be the same place piper/leo and paige/kyle went to. now what would you call this plane? Seeing as souls are being transported there and becoming stuck- in essence "ghosts" it makes me this is normally a place for ghosts aka the spiritual plane as explained by piper in season 6.

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    p4fan4ever (Monday, 30 July 2012 11:30)

    I would also say that they were stuck in the netherworld between good and evil from apocalypse not but seeing as cole explained "the light has faded" it makes me think its the piper/leo paige/kyle plane again which i think is the spiritual plane

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    p4fan4ever (Monday, 30 July 2012 11:43)

    i also think the cosmic void is a void or "space" between planes- which is why piper couldn't be seen by her sisters in the seven year witch- she wasn't on an actual plane of EXISTENCE- she was in a sort of limbo (not the actual limbo- a figurative one) think of it like a sandwich- the two slices of bread are the planes and the stuff in the middle between the "bread" is the void- its like a jail- cole however is able to move out and move around but he can't permanently be at peace or move on (which is why patty and grams offered to help him break free of the void for good if he found prue) It's interesting to note that maybe people who go into comas hang out in these voids (like piper did) and maybe as you die or move in between planes (via orbing or other means) you do pass through these voids (if voids are the places in between planes, it would make sense you'd pass through them along the way) but it's so quick one would not even realize it

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    p4fan4ever (Monday, 30 July 2012 11:46)

    or perhaps the void is another name for the netherworld between good and evil where prue was in apocalypse not- we know prue and war were able to break thru like cole did (although in different forms) and when she wasn't breaking thru she was still hanging around the manor (piper felt prue move thru her in the attic) she just couldn't be seen like cole couldn't in the seven year witch.

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    p4fan4ever (Monday, 30 July 2012 11:47)

    info on the cosmic void

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    p4fan4ever (Monday, 30 July 2012 15:03)

    I also think Realms are different than planes.. planes are another level of existence- whereas realms are separate worlds within planes... a perfect example is the enchanted realm as described by phoebe in once upon a time and the "pocket realms" from season 6- that demon wasn't making brand new planes, just pocket worlds.

    In "The power of three blondes" chris describes the astral plane as a "realm of spirit and energy" in the courtship of wyatts father, phoebe thought piper/leo were in the spirit realm, and in the seven year witch piper described the cosmic void as an "ungodly plane" and cole described it as limbo- in these instances i believe that they were using the words to mean "a place." When chris said the astral plane was a realm of spirit he meant it as "the astral plane is a PLACE of spirit and energy." in the courtship of wyatts father- phoebe meant piper and leo were in a place where spirits dwell (and they were because spirits do pass thru the ghostly plane) and when paige used the word limbo in that same episode, and then cole in the seven year witch, they meant it as just that- some place in between- for piper and leo, any place where ghosts hang out, be it the ghostly plane or the spiritual plane- is a place in between earth and the after life- for cole his limbo was the cosmic void between planes. However, ACTUAL limbo, planes, and realms, are different.

    I think when neena, her mate, and the all became one and the higher realm was created- it was just that, a new realm or world within one of the planes, not a brand new plane-

    and then she did the same with the re-creation of the higher realm. I don't believe one can create a brand new new plane, but they can create worlds or realms (it's not encouraged but it can be done.)

    in regards to the enchanted realm, our realm (the human realm) is parallel with the that realm- our PLANE would be the physical plane- the place where living things exist, and within that plane theres the human realm and the enchanted realm- all living beings separated into two worlds.

    since we know that magical creatures have souls (the fairy soul in necromancing the stone) it stands to reason that when one of those creatures dies, it goes to the ghostly plane, just like we do- and if the ghostly plane is a transitional plane that looks like the world the spirit is accustomed to (same goes for the afterlife) then the magical creatures ghostly plane should look like their world, same goes for their afterlife. If the ghostly plane is a mirror copy of the physical plane, then it should have a mirror copy of the enchanted realm, so on and so forth.

    for this reason the enchanted realm could not be it's own separate plane, for those that think otherwise- if there is ONE ghostly plane and it's identical to the physical plane, and the enchanted realm was NOT in the physical plane.. when magical creatures die they would pass through a place that looks nothing like their home. That doesn't seem right- however, like i said, if the ghostly plane is a mirror image of the physical plane, and the enchanted realm is set in the physical plane then it would stand to reason that there would be a mirror image of the enchanted realm in the ghostly plane as well.

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    p4fan4ever (Monday, 30 July 2012 15:04)

    Here is a list i compiled with the help of regarding the planes- i edited a lot of it/updated it so take a look

    The Heavens
    A plane where the Elders live and keep the power of the Gods. Here, they watch over earth, witches and their Whitelighters. Other forms of Angels live here too.

    The Astral Plane
    A plane where time stops. Many demons have been banished to this plane like the Noxon Demons. Spirits often pass through this plane on their travels; it’s a place of spirit and energy.

    The After Life Plane
    Where all souls of the once living exist. Magical creatues live in their own afterlife realm in this plane.- Mirror Image of the Physical Plane exceptpeaceful, no sorrorw, no death, no fighting, no war- “Heaven.”

    The Ghostly Plane
    A plane where spirits pass through as a transition to the afterlife. There is no magic on this plane. Upon death, souls are transported here

    The Spiritual Plane
    A plane where all spirits live that can't or won't move on. Plasma balls only occur on this plane. If a spirit has unfinsihed business, they will be transported here upon death. They can stay and become a ghost or walk into the light- most become ghosts.

    A plane where time stops, where death and aging can be avoided. Here, souls go to for reincarnation, such as the Zen Masters, Zodiacs and other spiritual beings.

    The Neutral Plane
    It is refered to in "Centennial Charmed". The plane that Paige orbs into an dcole uses to create his altenrate world- not much is known about it- perhaps used for traveling?

    Physical Plane
    The plane where all living things reside. In one realm lives humans, in another resides mystical creatures; the two realms are seperated by a thin veil that lifts in ‘tween places.

    The Netherworld Between Good and Evil
    The plane to which Prue and War were banished in Apocalypse, Not.

    The Underworld
    A plane where demons live. A realm called purgartory also exists on this plane. Many banished, NOT vanquished demons end up here.

    The Demonic Wasteland
    A plane where all vanquished demons end up. This is also where the Beast lives.

    I believe purgatory is either a realm or maybe even another void between planes or an entrance to the wasteland? i listed it as a realm. I don't know where neena created the higher realm- perhaps the netherworld between good and evil is NOT a plane, just another cosmic void (like i listed earlier- there are similarities between coles void and the netherworld, the place where cole is trapped is a void between life and death, prues was a world between good and evil) so if that is not a plane perhaps then in place of it can go the higher realm. is not, neenas realm existed on one of these planes and so did her re-make of the higher realm.

    Just to note- the mirror world, which is a mirror universe would have all these planes in respect to the mirror world/universe!

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    p4fan4ever (Monday, 30 July 2012 15:04)

    ***the mirror world from its a bad bad bad bad world part1/2