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                                        The species seen in the comics


Witches, like mortals, can be either good or evil, but only the good witches serve as protectors of the Innocent. Traditionally, witches are born with a primary active power, such as telekinesis, but their powers grow as they age. Often, their supernatural abilities are exhibited in early childhood, though it is not unusual for a person to grow in adulthood before her or his capabilities are realized. In addition to their active powers, witches can also cast spells and create potions to amplify their magic. They live by the rule that they are not to use their magic for personal gain. Witches must decide within the first forty-eight hours of their powers awakening if they will travel the path of good or evil. All witches descended from Neena's first female child that had powers like her mother just not as strong.



Warlocks have but one goal: To kill good witches so they can obtain their powers. They are witches that have chosen to follow the dark path by performing an irrevocable act of evil in killing another witch or by marrying a warlock in a Dark Binding but some are born warlocks too. Most Warlocks have the power to teleport, known as Blinking, though some lesser Warlocks are too weak to perform that act. All Walocks descended from Neena's second child (male) who later used his magic for dark purposes.


Extremely rare and coveted magical creatures, usually mortals but sometimes witches too. The power is linked to their emotions. It first manifests in adolescence with the onset of puberty. If subjugated while still impressionable, they can be persuaded to use their powers for evil. Because of this, they are often trained to be bodyguards of the Source.


An Empath is a reincarnated mortal being, born with the ability to feel other's emotions, the power of empathy. When mortals are reincarnated as Empaths, they usually become Elders, Cupids, priests, counselors, teachers, psychiatrists, etc. Their power allows them to help others, such as healing someone's emotional pain or destroy others using their negative feelings. Magical beings' powers are tied to their emotions, so Empaths can channel them through Empathy. Witches can be empaths too.


Observations upon the Nature, the Number, and the Operations of the Devils.

Demons are magical beings who work for evil. The goals of a demon are to spread evil over the world along with death and sadness. They generally live in the Underworld.

                         Rat Demons

Rat demons are low-level demons able to use their powers to transform into rodents in order to hide in the human world. They are usually involved in money schemes, such as laundering, in order to gain money to insinuate themselves into the mortal world.


The Banshee are a reasonably rare breed of demons with distinctive white hair, and a high pitched scream that can burst glass and blood vessels, killing a mortal, or turn a witch pre-disposed to emotional pain into a Banshee.


Vampires are undead demons that feed off of the blood of the living. A vampire clan is ruled by a single Vampire Queen. Vampires are considered the creatures of the night.Their powers include shape-shifting into bat form, sensing and tracking prey, enhanced senses, super strength and agility, heightened combat skills, and the ability to hang or cling to ceilings. All vampires are immune to the powers of witches (except the Power of Three), but are averted to sunlight and holy symbols, especially crucifixes, and holy water.



is a title held by beings who can foresee the future. Seers can see into the future without the help of magical objects. They serve as advisors to upper level demons.


Impedimentia can be either the name of this particular demon or the name of its demon species. He is a very tall and heavy demon.

His appearence is similar to a Troll.



                        is a lizard like Demon




is a demon that can extract knowledge and wisdom even if it is hidden in the subconscious. He extracted Leo's knowledge of the location of the Nexus of the All.


                              Unnamed Demon Species

There are demons looking like Pterodactyls, dragon looking demons, insect demons, a demon that looks like a mythological Harpie, a demon looking like Masselin and many other demons that their species names are unknown and haven't appeared in the show.


                Half Witch -  Half Whitelighter


A cross-breed between a witch and a whitelighter, which was originally a forbidden relationship. Witch/Whiteligher hybrids usually have powers that are a mixture of wiccan and whitelighter powers. Once they embrace their whitelighter side, they usually exhibit all the powers of a full whitelighter.

                 Half Witch - Half Cupid


A cross-breed between a Cupid and a Witch. The only Witch/Cupid hybrid known to exist in the Charmed Universe is Prue Johnna. So far she has the Cupid powers of beaming and sensing which she can wield without the use of a Cupid's ring. This is possibly because of her half Witch side. 

Belthazor Half Demon - Half Human


was a very powerful Upper-Level Demon who had been around for one hundred years. Being half-demon and half-human, he was the demon alter ego of Cole Turner.

His father was human and his mother was pure demon. He was one of the most powerful, feared demons and respected in the Underworld.


                      Angels of Destiny


Angels of Destiny are magical beings that possess the knowledge of all things. They serve as keepers of the Grand Design and bear the responsibility of maintaining that the future plays out as it is destined.

They are above the Elders in the hierarchy of good. They are more powerful than the Angel of Death, Elders and Avatars. They seem to not have control over the first witch and her mate.



The Elders, also known as "The Founders" and "The Powers That Be", are a group of elder Whitelighters. They are the highest level of Whitelighter. The Elders control the ranks of the guardian angels and keep track of the good witches they protect. They are not all-knowing but they can aid with their vast wisdom. The Elders remain in The Upper Regions.



Entrusted with protecting witches and future Whitelighters, these guardian angels guide their charges in the use of their magic. Mortals in life, they are given the choice to become Whitelighters or move on to the afterlife upon their death. Among their many powers, Whitelighters can teleport through a process known as orbing and they possess a healing touch.


When Whitelighters were first conceived there was much debate over what role they would play. Some saw them as avenging angels, warriors in the fight against evil. They fought with powerful swords and had wings as part of their armor. Others felt that they should only serve ag guides mentoring the good beings of the magical community. The debate nearly tore the heavens apart. It was ultimately decided that whitelighters would be guides



Cupids are responsible for bringing people together who have a chance at love. Like Whitelighters they are sometimes assigned charges but can actually have up to 50 charges a day. They help their charges find love and will intervene when necessary to redirect a mortal or Magical Being's love away from a demon to keep them safe. Cupids are made of the essence of deceased babies after an older cupid casts a spell. Cupids are not allowed to use their powers on their families.

         The Guardians of the Hollow


Thirty five hundred years ago, the Hollow was unleashed on the world. The Hollow is a force that has the power to consume all magical powers, good or evil and is impossible to destroy.

While roaming the earth The Hollow nearly decimated all magic. Good and Evil had to join forces and combine their strongest magic to contain it. It was placed in an ancient crypt and is guarded by a representative from both sides, an Angel and a Devil, for all eternity.

                                             MAGICAL CREATURES



Related to the darklighters, trackers, are harder to kill as they are unaffected by those means used to dispose of darklighters. With their distinctive markings, trackers pick off weak whitelighters to help thin the ranks of good. The tracker will never give up once it has a whitelighter in it's sights. The only chance for the survival depends on vanquishing the tracker.

Like all Darklighters, Trackers possess the ability to Teleport via Black Orbing. Trackers can fire poison tipped arrows from their dark bow. They possess Apportation which allows them to make their bow and arrow materialize at will. They also possess Super Strength. It is unknown if they possess the Touch of Death.



Darklighters are on a mission to kill Whitelighters, which leaves their charges vulnerable to attack by the forces of evil. They can orb through a process known as black orbing, and some can inflict a touch of death, in contrast to a Whitelighter's healing power. A Darklighter's crossbow is armed with arrows covered in a poison lethal to Whitelighters.



Mermaids are a race of immortal sea creatures, known as half-woman and half-fish. They can spend eternity at sea because they are cold blooded beings. Normally, a mermaid's heart is as cold as the water. However, if a mermaid gets lonely, her heart will warm up and then she becomes curious about the world ashore.

The only way to remove a mermaid's immortality is by placing an Auger Shell on the mermaid's chest which sucks the life force out of her.



Fairies are good mystical creatures that live in a realm parallel to the mortal realm, but they are separated by a thin veil. Fairies have dominion over the trolls. Fairies have a magical dust with which they can do many things, including turning people into fairies. As kind-hearted as they are, they have a nasty habit for stealing from oblivious adults.

Although adults, even magical ones, can't see fairies.



Nymphs, or the commonly known name of Wood Nymphs, are good magical beings that frolic throughout the forests in the company of a satyr, when not in the forests spreading nature, protect the nature and eternal spring, and enhance nature. they search along the outside world and spread nature, protect it, and enhance it.



Leprechauns are small, magical beings that grant luck to the world. Leprechauns live in their own realm which they reach by travelling with Rainbows. These Rainbows are in the sky all the time but can only be seen by humans when it rains. Leprechauns light them up with their shillelaghs. A Leprechaun's task is to dole out luck which can be good or bad depending on what the recipient makes out of it.



Unicorns are mythological creatures who reside in the magical realm. They are white in color, both the mane and fur. They possess very powerful magic and can be found in their spiral-like horn on their forehead. When magical dust is scraped off the horn, the dust can be used to vanquish, heal, cast spells, etc. Unicorns are the essence of good magic.



A Spirit or a Ghost is what a deceased person's soul becomes when they die.

Some stay on earth when they are unable to move on to the afterlife past the spiritual plane. Usually this occurs when a person either had unfinished business in life, such as a betrayal of some sort causing their death, or when their death was so quick their mind just simply hasn't accepted it. Sometimes there may be multiple cases, or perhaps even entirely different reasons they are unable to move on.



Golems are artificial creatures, mostly created out of clay to serve a purpose. Golems are usually made by Alchemists and Sorcerers. They can be made by any material in any shape, form and size.



Dragons are an ancient powerful race of magical creatures that became extinct centuries ago. They breath fire and have the ability to fly, some can live up to thousands of years. Their sharp nails, teeth, and talons make them very dangerous. Dragons possibly come in various shapes and sizes.

Although extinct they can be magically conjured with the projection power for example.



Familiars are enchanted creatures who follow and guide new witches to protect them while they learn the craft. After their work is done, they run away to their next charge. While they are often cats, other animals, like dogs, rabbits, crows and snakes can be familiars as well. Certain familiars can become human as a reward for their faithful service so they can guide and train other familiars as well



are statue creatures meant to ward off evil. Seemingly neutral, they will nevertheless reanimimate themselves and take the role of protectors for the side of good when evil is within their domain.



are artificial creatures created by Rennek. They have the power of flight and merging. They completely lack emotions and memories.