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    Carlos Sicairos (Thursday, 29 December 2011 14:25)

    Someone tells me in detail what happens PLEASE! :O

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    JoshingAbout (Thursday, 29 December 2011 14:25)

    Right, I'm going to run through THE ENTIRE ISSUE IN THIS POST. MAJOR spoilers:

    *The issue begins with Paige visiting the Salem Witch House, hoping to find Sarah. As she walks towards the door to go inside Cole stops her - much to Paige's surprise.
    * Paige wonders how Cole's still alive - he explains he's still dead but his new mission is to stop Paige from going into the house.
    * Paige then makes it her mission to get through the door. Cole offers to explain things but Paige orbs out and defiantly enters the house.
    * Paige enters a room and sees Patience. She explains that she's looking for Sarah but Patience cuts her short, urging her to leave. She's annoyed that both Cole and Patience are asking her to leave. Paige puts her hand on Patience's arm causing a red aura to appear and then ...


    * A big explosion throws Patience and Paige away from each other (Paige in a swirl of orbs.
    * Away from Salem, both Piper and Phoebe feel something in the air, with Phoebe rubbing her head and Piper staring into the air with a look of confusion.
    * The next thing we know, Phoebe levitates slightly and BAM shoots through the air as if she were flying (think Nathan from Heroes) and she lands elsewhere in a zoom, calling for Coop to come and get her.
    * Piper accidentally blows up the laundry she was doing in the previous frame and manages to blow up the basement.
    * We see masses of orbs coming from the Manor's windows as the house rocks, the chandelier falls off its perch, picture frames fall and smash and the grandfather clock topples over.
    * In Magic School things are a bit hectic: The kids' powers have gone wild. Wyatt is seen petting a real-life dragon (most likely the statue outside the school seen in Issue 2, also a great reference to "Forget Me, Not"), Melinda is hovering on orbs, PJ has beamed herself atop a cabinet shelf thing, Chris is manipulating orbs, and the twins have conjured a ring of fire and have slowed down a glass of water in mid air.
    * Bailey notes that the Twins' powers had in fact been bound, but Leo says that that's the least of their problems. Bailey takes Henry Jr to safety and goes to get the rest of the staff for help.
    * Suddenly, Leo keels over in pain and is overcome in some sinister dark-orbs.
    * Despite being blamed for everything that's going on, Cole tries to explain to Piper that what's happened is Paige's fault. Before he can tell her that Prue is alive as Patience and that she's met with Paige, Coop beams in with Phoebe, who's mortified to see Cole.
    * Phoebe is annoyed that Piper knew Cole was still alive - well, existing :P Phoebe shrugs off anything that Cole tries to say, despite Coop trying to be peacemaker.
    * Back in Salem, Paige accuses Patience of attacking her. Patience tries to explain that what they did they did to each other, accidentally. She tells Paige she's on her side. Paige scoffs at this, wondering why the house was being guarded by a dead demon. Patience then tries to explain that she's in fact Prue.
    * Paige doesn't believe Prue because of her altered appearance. Prue tries to explain and reaches out for Paige, but Paige recoils and throws Prue across the room in orbs. Prue retaliates, holding Paige in the air with telekinesis, wishing for Paige to calm down.
    * Outside the Manor time is frozen - a girl and her rabid dog are seen with a postman whose letters are falling out of his hands as the dog tries to jump at him.
    * Phoebe explains that she miraculously flew - or leapt, really really far - from San Francisco to Phoenix (I have no idea how far that is) in the blink of an eye. Piper asks if Time is frozen in Phoenix too. Phoebe says it isn't, but it's spreading.
    * It turns out the entire of San Francisco was frozen when Phoebe started to fly, and that the affects had reached Sacramento, and would have reached Los Angeles by now. Piper wonders if the whole world will freeze since she can't seem to stop her power ...
    * They note that any demons who enter the world AFTER an area has been frozen by Piper's power won't be affected, leaving innocents as sitting ducks...
    * Piper wonders why only her power is still going since Phoebe stopped flying everywhere and they don't even know what's happened to Paige.
    * Cole has answers to both. Coop encourages Phoebe to give Cole a chance, much to her chagrin, saying she wants answers from a trusted source.

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    JoshingAbout (Thursday, 29 December 2011 14:26)


    * Leo is trapped behind a circle of dark-glowing bars, most likely in a prison/cage of sorts.
    * Back in Salem, Prue is finally getting through to Paige as the younger sister starts to listen to what Prue has to say - not that she has much choice since Prue has her held telekinetically.
    * Paige says she'll pretend to believe Prue for the moment, but wonders why Prue attacked her. Prue maintains that their powers affected each other and the rest was self defence, since Paige is strong. Paige wishes to be released from Prue's magical hold on her. Prue agrees, as long as Paige keeps her powers to herself.
    * Prue says that they must get to the Manor and see Piper and Phoebe. Paige says that they'll freak if they see Prue (assuming she believe's Patience's claims to be Prue), but Prue thinks otherwise.
    * Rennek's face appears behind the dark-aura'd bars. Leo had an idea it'd be Rennek behind his capture.
    * Ready for an attack, Leo brings out his wings and sword. Rennek laughs his mortal enemy off, saying he'd get hurt.
    * Leo wonders how Rennek got him away from Magic School, as Dark lighters don't have that kind of power, nor to that have the power to DarkOrb TK like his children or Paige do. Rennek says the infusion of power from The Source expanded his powers and he has enough to kill Leo 100 times over.
    * Leo notes that he's still alive and Rennek hasn't tried to kill him, not even when Leo was trapped in The Heavens with Neena's army. Rennek reveals that he need's Leo for something.
    * Back in the Manor, Phoebe and Piper think of checking the Book of Shadows for a possible answer, hoping that an answer may have magically appeared since the last time they looked at it (meaning Patty or Grams' help).
    * Cole still wants to help and is annoyed that Phoebe won't give him the time or day. Piper suggests not ignoring Cole but Phoebe drags her upstairs to the book, adamant to solve the problem without his help.
    * Cole asks Coop if Phoebe's behaviour was the kind of fire he fell in love with, too.
    * Paige and Prue orb into the attic to find it wrecked, though Prue is unsurprised. Despite still not believing Prue's claims, Paige notes that the Book likes her and that's a good sign. She goes to get her sisters but meets them at the Attic's doorway.
    * Paige explains that she's met a woman who claim's to be-

    "Oh, my God."

    * Phoebe is shocked and Piper is overcome with emotions, saying that she'd recognise that soul anywhere. Piper embraces Prue with a huge smile as Phoebe runs for a hug too, leaving Paige stood, amazed.


    The title for Issue 18 is "Four's Company", a pun on the saying "Three's Company".

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    JoshingAbout (Thursday, 29 December 2011 14:36)

    Powers used in this issue:

    Prue: Telekinesis (highly advanced. She could hold Paige up for a while and force her to make no actions)
    Piper: M.Combustion, M.Immobilisation (HIGHLY advanced. Threatened to freeze the whole world)
    Phoebe: Levitation (highly advanced, as she flew for miles)
    Paige: Orbing, Telekinetic Orbing (quite advanced, as she could easily throw a witch as powerful as Prue across a room)
    Leo: Empyreal Sword & Wings
    Wyatt: Thought Projection (the dragon)
    Chris: manipulated orbs to swirl around him (but he wasn't orbing away - seems like a different power entirely)
    Melinda: Orbed Levitation
    PJ: Beaming (Cupid Teleporting)
    Tamora: M.Combustion - seems quite advanced as the flames were really high, for a baby)
    Kat: M.Immobilisation (possibly stronger than when she slowed the Book in Issue 15).
    Rennek: Dark Telekinetic Orbing.

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    Phoebe1_ (Thursday, 29 December 2011 15:10)

    OMG!!! This is great! Can't believe how many things happened in one issue! So happy Prue and her sisters, all 4 of them are finally reunited.
    Plus, Phoebe FINALLY sees Cole!!!!! : D So awesome!!! Can't wait to have the issue in my hands and also canNOT wait for issue #18!! It's going to be AMAZING!! Thanks for the spoilerS!!!

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    Seerempath (Thursday, 29 December 2011 15:58)

    Yes, this issue was something to behold. However, I did not like the look on tamora's face as she played with the fire. I'm sorry but she looked down right evil.

    And Cole was an ass to Coop. Coop should have told him to get over it, he was dead and he (Coop) was married to his true love.

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    Phoebe1_ (Thursday, 29 December 2011 16:12)

    How was Cole an ass to Coop?

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    Seerempath (Thursday, 29 December 2011 16:36)

    * Cole asks Coop if Phoebe's behaviour was the kind of fire he fell in love with, too.

    It was not what he said, It was the way he looked when he said it. I found it creepy.

    It was a put down to Coop. Letting him know that he (Cole) had Phoebe first.

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    JoshingAbout (Thursday, 29 December 2011 16:50)

    I didn't interpret it as a put-down to Coop. Infact, I thought it seemed quite genuine of Cole. Though, calling him "Cupid" instead of "Coop" could be considered a put-down.

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    Phoebe1_ (Thursday, 29 December 2011 17:08)

    Phoebe and Cole Forever. #Thatisall : b

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    Texan (Thursday, 29 December 2011 17:40)

    Did the twins literally form a ring of fire in the air?

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    GC (Thursday, 29 December 2011 18:02)

    Oh my god oh my god oh my god, the four sisters reunited FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder what it means that Piper recognizes Prue's "soul" so do Piper and Phoebe see Prue as Prue, then, like how Phoebe saw Phoebe Bowen and P. Baxter as Prue and Piper?

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    Seerempath (Thursday, 29 December 2011 18:04)

    Texan, Tamora formed a ring of fire on the floor.

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    GC (Thursday, 29 December 2011 18:04)

    BTW Given what we see in this issue, I really think this means they relinquish their powers at the end of 18.

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    JoshingAbout (Thursday, 29 December 2011 18:16)

    I'm sorry if my detailing of the twin's powers was confusing:

    Tamora created a ring of fire on the floor
    Kat froze/slowed down a glass of water (it was in mid-air).

    @GC: I don't think that happens - how else would Paige conjure a detective in Issue 19?

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    GC (Thursday, 29 December 2011 19:16)

    But #19 isn't part of the story arc, remember? So it could take place anytime between Oh, Henry and Four's Company.

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    JoshingAbout (Thursday, 29 December 2011 19:32)

    Why on earth would 19 take place before 18? That makes no sense. Charmed has always progressed chronologically. I've read somewhere that 19 is actually tied to the arc somehow. 20 is definitely a continuation of the arc, so it still seems unlikely they relinquish their powers, to me. But I guess anything could happen.

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    jay (Thursday, 29 December 2011 21:11)

    Where can i find the comic?

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    nick_clark (Thursday, 29 December 2011 22:59)

    So, the four sisters together don't weaken the Power of Three, but increases it and get out of control! That makes sense. Woah! That is just awesome! I can't wait to see Piper freezing the whole world and Phoebe fly in Superman style :P

    THANK YOU JoshingAbout!!! :D

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    charmedcomicfan (Friday, 30 December 2011 06:31)

    i think of the power of three as a balloon. With the 3 girls the power of 3 is stable and normal and good enough so the "balloon" stays ok. If more air is added on the "balloon" meaning one more person in the power of three, while the ballon will get bigger and better it will sometime burst destroying it

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    Henry (Friday, 30 December 2011 07:24)

    This issue is great!Prue,Piper, Phoebe and Paige are finally together! I am happy that at least Piper and Phoebe can see the true face of Prue (lucky them!)However I think the girls will not relinquish their powers. For me, they will learn to "live without them." Remember Montgomery Knox? They will always be witches (that's why Paige will cast a spell in "Crossed, Triple-Crossed") but not the Charmed Ones.

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    JoshingAbout (Friday, 30 December 2011 07:51)

    Hmm, so you think they might relinquish their CHARMED powers, but not their individual ones? Hmm, interesting. That would definitely tie into Issue 20.

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    Henry (Friday, 30 December 2011 08:12)

    Yes, and that would also explain the presence of Knox.

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    Kody (Friday, 30 December 2011 11:03)

    Very interesting.. i like the little tidbit between paige and prue about who's stronger. subtle yet effective.

    The one thing i have against this comic is that the art was really lacking in depicting the BIG SHABAM REUNION! I hvae nothing against the artist, but this moment to me should've been drawn to the t. All of the emotion that Piper and Phoebe must have felt, after 8 years. Their oldest sister, right there with them. And Paige's confusion. And this is the moment that all fan fic has been trying to come up with. But other than that, story was handled quite nicely and smoothly.

    Why is it that only Piper's power is still haywired?

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    power of three (Friday, 30 December 2011 11:17)

    Amazing issue!!!!!! the power of four out of control!!!!! Piper blew up an entire room, created fire in the entire house and froze the world ohhhhh goddess PIPER!!! Phoebe flew-thats awesome!!! Paige vs Prue- that is f@king perfect! and the kids have new powers!! chris-photokinesis, p.j-beaming (she only had remote beaming), melinda-levitation with orbs(amazing).only kat,tam and wyatt explained their powers but more advanched! Also revealed that Wyatt has all of his powers because he used projection(his most powerful power) the elders only erased his twice blessed status!!! ooohhh FANTASTIC ISSSUE! thanks paul!!!

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    Megawhatz (Friday, 30 December 2011 11:34)

    What do ye mean when ye say that they'll still have powers but not be charmed???

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    JoshingAbout (Friday, 30 December 2011 11:44)

    Just a guess - they may have some powers but relinquish their Charmed legacy so they can keep Prue in their lives.

    They'll still have to have some powers for Paige to conjure up a detective in Issue 19, and the synopsis of Issue 20 says that the girls have to survive in a world where they're no longer Charmed ... it kind of fits.

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    charmedcomicfan (Friday, 30 December 2011 11:52)

    "What do ye mean when ye say that they'll still have powers but not be charmed???"

    This is not stated in the issue dont be mistaken

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    JoshingAbout (Friday, 30 December 2011 12:05)

    @Megawhatz - yeah, we've just been speculating what might happen at the end of Issue 18, it's not known what'll actually happen of course.

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    piper32 (Friday, 30 December 2011 12:16)

    piper used temporal stasis right? because she froze the world......

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    JoshingAbout (Friday, 30 December 2011 12:25)

    The name of the power isn't important :P Yes, she nearly froze the world on the spot (as it wasn't said the whole world definitely was frozen, just California).

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    piper32 (Friday, 30 December 2011 12:43)

    :) so is like the power used by the angels of destiny? and piper used only her explosion power or/and her heating power? because she made fire in the house.... i like that wyatt keep his powers and the others children explained other hybrid powers!

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    empathboy (Friday, 30 December 2011 12:46)

    personally i dont think its piper's power at all but the world becoming disrupted due to the fact that the power of four was never phropesized i mean think about it for a second if it was piper's power freezing the world wouldnt we see good witches moving around besides her sister and why isnt leo frozen? no i think its because everything becoming disordered phoebe flying and pipers molecular combustion and paige sending prue across the room are the only powers why would pipers powers just keep growing and her sisters just stop wouldnt they keep going haywire as well?!

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    JoshingAbout (Friday, 30 December 2011 12:59)

    Maybe good witches ARE unaffected, we just don't see it?

    and Leo isn't frozen because he's been kidnapped. My guess is he's in the Underworld.

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    Seerempath (Friday, 30 December 2011 13:12)

    I agree, I doubt it's Piper. I think it has something to do with the sisters reuniting. This might turn out to be the cataclysmic event Prue feared would happen.

    There is also a pattern, each sister had one power that went haywire, Telekinesis, Levitation and Molecular Combustion. So why would two of Piper's powers go haywire?

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    FANaticyeah (Friday, 30 December 2011)

    This issue was amazing. First and most importantly, the sisters have finally reunited. Something every fan has dreamed of, wrote about and wished would happen, happened in this issue though obviously not the way we thought it would. Some Prue vs. Paige fans even got their battle between the oldest and youngest sisters.

    I can't wait to see how this story unfolds and ultimately where it ends up. What will happen to Prue?

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    Megawhatz (Friday, 30 December 2011 14:39)

    @charmedcomicfan and Joshingabout - o ya I knew it hasn't been said in the comics I was jut confused about how they'd be magic but not charmed. Thanks for explaining :)

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    Texan (Friday, 30 December 2011 15:08)

    Did Paige actually mean to send prue flying across the room or was her power just out of control?

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    ArdentCharmedFan (Friday, 30 December 2011 23:59)

    Anyone has any ideas on what is going to happen next? I know that some are probably thinking that one of the sisters might have to give up her powers and her role as a Charmed One since Melinda Warren did not prophesy four sisters together. However, personally I am praying and hoping that all four sisters would get to be together, retain their powers, and create a force stronger than The Power of Three - The Power of Four. I mean, what is wrong with there being a Power of Four? Just because it has not been prophesied does not mean that could not exist, and that it is against the natural order of things. What do you guys think?

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    CharmedThree (Saturday, 31 December 2011 00:57)

    This sounds like an amazing issue! I can't wait to get it. The sisters are finally reunited after six and a half years!

    @ArdentCharmedFan I really hope that there will be not be a Power of Four, not permanently at least. I kind of find this "Power of Four" deal to be awesome and powerful at first and the sisters kicking major demonic butt with it for a little bit, but maybe after a little while, that's when the consequences start settling in and it'll have to revert back into a "Power of Three". That is just my theory on how the storyline may go.

    I just don't like a permanent Power of Four because:

    1) The prophecy called for a Power of Three, not four.
    2) Having a Power of Four, to me, is crossing into fanfiction territory.If the show was still airing on television, it seems that that kind of idea would not happen.
    3) The Charmed franchise has always been carrying The Power of Three, in my opinion, having a Power of Four ruins everything.
    4) Prue died and Paige came. Prue's life is over and she has to move on, her time came and went. Paige's life is still continuing and it is now her time.

    I just hope that, with having all four sisters together now, that Ruditis focuses more on the family aspect, than the magical one. Seasons 1, 2, & 3 were about Prue Halliwell's family; seasons 4 & mid season 5 were about Phoebe Halliwell's family; mid season 5 until season 8 was about Piper Halliwell's family. I hope that Ruditis finds the right balance between each character and make it about the Halliwell family.

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    empathboy (Saturday, 31 December 2011 08:11)

    Well i was just thinking could it be possible for phoebe to alter the Dominus Trinus spell i mean i know what melinda foresaw three but lets think back to the witch is back episode also when she said she saw more genrations of her beautiful daughters maybe she saw the three of them with paige? just speculating here but if its possible to do that then why not?

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    GC (Saturday, 31 December 2011 09:29)

    You mean so it says something like:
    "Hear now the words of witches, the secrets we have hidden in the night. The oldest of Gods are invoked here, the great work of magic is sought. In this time and in this hour, we call upon the ancient power. Where once stood three, now stands four. Return to us our powers, forevermore." lol...

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    GC (Saturday, 31 December 2011 09:34)

    Really, though, the concept of Wiccan magic is the Power of Four, rather then the Power of Three. There are four elements that all correspond to the four corners of the earth, all connected, all bound to each other, each powerful in it's own right, but strongest when together. When brought together the four elements bond to create the fifth element, spirit...

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    nick_clark (Saturday, 31 December 2011 09:49)

    Always the same, Prue-haters wishing that she goes away... I'm a Pruefan since the beggining and this is what I've waited for, the four sisters together (I really love Paige too), and I hope it stay like this forever... I can't stand lose Prue again... The Power of Four idea, like GC says, is more wicca than Power of three (P3 is more christian than wicca due the holy trinity), but I don't care what power stays, ... Always that Prue is staying with us.

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    JoshingAbout (Saturday, 31 December 2011 13:33)

    You have to remember that the writers screwed up that principal of Wicca by stating that there are 5 elements in Wiccan belief, with the fifth being Metal and not Aether/Spirit. This was stated all the way back in Season 1 "Is There A Woogy In The House?". I don't think that Ruditis could correct something like that, unfortunately.

    I would like to see how Prue could work in Patience's body as a living character, but I think it might change the show too much if it was made a permanent thing. Maybe have it as part of another arc or something.

    I think Prue should be able to make guest appearances in future issues like Patty and Grams. Hopefully!

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    GC (Saturday, 31 December 2011 14:02)

    The power of three still exists within Wicca, because the Goddess is virgin, mother, and crone, but that's besides the point.

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    yemi1010 (Saturday, 31 December 2011 14:59)

    How did Prue and Paige have a showdown? And did she have to say Prue's name to throw her?

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    nick_clark (Saturday, 31 December 2011 15:06)

    Oh, you're right there!

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    JoshingAbout (Saturday, 31 December 2011 15:45)

    @yami1010 - No she didn't have to say Prue's name. She just lashed out her hand and Prue flew across the room in orbs. That's a point actually - it seems as if Paige no longer needs to call for things.

    The reason that Paige started a fight with Prue is because she didn't believe Prue's claims about being Prue because Paige only saw Patience's body. Prue tried to explain and take a hold of Paige's hand, only for Paige to recoil and lash out at Prue.

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    empathboy (Saturday, 31 December 2011 16:32)

    haha nice spell GC and yes i also would like to see prue return but if i had to choose it would be Paige simply because prue's destiny was obviously meant be over otherwise she wouldnt have died remember what leo and death have said themselves you cant fight it if its meant to happen it will but i really would like for both to stay but right now i just dont see that happening. Also i would like for them to keep there advanced powers phoebes's flighht is awsome she's my fav lets just see what paul has in store for us charmed fans

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    Henry (Saturday, 31 December 2011 17:19)

    I don't think Paul will change the story of Charmed with a power of four. But in my opinion Prue won't coming back in the afterlife. Otherwise we can't see her anymore (because of the rights to the features of Shannen Doherty). Prue can't take a body every time she visits her sisters! For me Knox will explain to the 4 sisters how to live without the Power of Three keeping powers, but then they will resume the role of Charmed Ones ... But there remains the problem of Prue. Perhaps Paul will show us Prue with her appearance and she'll return in the afterlife. So we could see her again in the comics.

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    GC (Saturday, 31 December 2011 18:32)

    I honestly don't know what will happen with Prue. To me to sees more obvious that Prue should be the Charmed One and Paige should be a whitelighter/witch. I keep thinking about the elemental powers Paige's past life had and wondering if maybe those would have been her powers if she met her sisters before Prue died. I still think Paige's position as a Charmed One was one that forced on her instead of destined for her. But that's just me.

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    Kody (Sunday, 01 January 2012 00:24)

    Uhmmm would it really be that out-of-the-norm to put Prue back into the Charmed ones' lives, as Patience? Like, she is a major character, probably one of the most important, and to have her story stunted by some measly "prophecy" or "destiny" seems pretty ridiculous to me. The only reason she died was because of Shannen, and who knows where Charmed would be had she stayed on the show. It would be a real waste for the show and us, fans, to just remove this vital character and i hope Paul doesn't do that. There must be a reason why people are still writing fan fiction about Prue or still requesting for her return. We've stuck with Charmed through the highs and lows, from the heart-wrenching season four and the "WTF" season 8, but allowing Prue to move on (leave the comic) is just outright stupid when she has been completely erased, and i mean erased, from the show for the last five seasons. (No picture, no nothing). That's just my little two-cents on the subject.

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    L-L (Sunday, 01 January 2012 03:31)

    somehow, I still wonder why Shannen refuses her image to be used by Zenescope...I kinda understand when she decided to leave the show because stuff happened off camera..But not get involved in the comic? seriously? charmed comic could be one of her source income, and she just let it slips through her fingers? That I don't get it...could it be that Charmed reminds her of the bad memories? can't help but wonder...

  • #55

    fxrocks (Sunday, 01 January 2012 07:39)

    @L-L even Holly Marie Combs was surprised that Shannen didn't accept her image to be used on the comics. I saw that on Twitter!

  • #56

    Mark (Sunday, 01 January 2012 08:46)

    I bet she didn't get personally asked.. I bet it went through her channels or something and someone else denied the use of her image? Would she wouldn't get paid for each comic that came out would she? I assumed they either wouldn't get any money or they might get like a one off payment? I can't wait to read the next volume of issues!! I'm soooo glad Prue is finally back

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    JoshingAbout (Sunday, 01 January 2012 09:40)

    I assumed that the girls don't get any royalties for allowing the use of their image. I didn't think that Zenescope could afford to pay them royalties - they're not the biggest comic company in the industry.

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    Sebastian (Sunday, 01 January 2012 13:11)

    I agree, there must be SOME way to ensure that Prue can remain in the story without shafting Paige.

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    L-L (Sunday, 01 January 2012 16:50)

    @JoshingAbout: If that's the case, it will make sense at some point..But I don't think the former charmed cast members are that generous though..I mean Charmed comic is financially success, so I bet Holly, ALyssa, Rose, and the other casts must get some royalties (even though not that many)...Perhaps, there is a royalty disagreement between Shannen and Zenescope, so she decided to reject the offer...sounds juicy..I wish Shannen clarifies why she declined the offer..That way we can find a way to forgive

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    p4fan4ever (Sunday, 01 January 2012 20:18)

    so should we assume that paige can use her powers without a voice command.. when she threw prue back she said "stay back" and i dont think that was meant as a voice command... in forget me not we say paige say "orb away" which is similar to stay back but i feel like we've seen her use her power without a voice command in previous issues as well as in the episode sword and the city!

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    empahboy (Monday, 02 January 2012 22:41)

    I just hope they keep those advanced power i mean flight seriously? screw molecular manipulation and flinging people across the room with telikinesis i would be flying and using other peoples powers phoebe totally rocks but i do hope prue stays 2!

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    p3nathan (Tuesday, 03 January 2012 08:56)

    @p4fan4ever, yeah I don't think it's always needed any more. She usually still voices a command like "orb away", "stay back" or "clear a path" etc... but I think she orbed Neena without a command in The Charmed Offensive.

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    Seerempath (Wednesday, 04 January 2012 06:04)

    @empahboy, Paul took the power of flight and improved it, something I never thought possible (because what could be better flying). He took flight from a great personal power and made it into a very useful power by adding super speed.

    I love this because Flight and Super Speed are my two favorite power. I really Phoebe keeps it. I want to her and Piper fly.

  • #64

    BellBoy1750 (Wednesday, 04 January 2012 16:31)

    I like Prue's return, however, I don't want it to be permanent, though. She's dead; it's time for her ass to move on.

    If the Charmed Ones' status is taken away then doesn't that mean it's over? The series is called "Charmed." That's like Buffy the Vampire Slayer not being a vampire slayer; if you alter that then there's no more show, comic, etc. I can see the writers doing what they did with Wyatt, Chris, and Melinda, how they tried to make latter siblings twice-blessed as well, in order to create a stronger power of three.

    Then they erased that destiny completely, taking Wyatt's twice-blessed status (possibly?). I'm wondering if that was some kind of foreshadowing; maybe they'll do that with Prue/Patience. Erase her Charmed status and allow her to fully "move on."

  • #65

    Texan (Wednesday, 04 January 2012 19:28)

    I really hope they show Prue with her astral projection power and maybe even a new one some she has he least of everyone now :)

  • #66

    empathboy (Wednesday, 04 January 2012 23:13)

    yeah Seerempath that power is so awsome and it would def boost phoebe's rep of being a kick ass witch if she keeps it yea it would be intresting to see prue develop a new power maybe cloning or telepathy or something i just hope her and paige both get to stay somehow and i also would like to see some more development with pathokinesis as well

  • #67

    StoryGirl83 (Thursday, 05 January 2012 16:47)

    @BellBoy1750 - I hope that whatever happens, the Angels of Destiny stick to their word and stay out of it. We don't need to see them ever time a story arc closes. We only saw them a couple times on the show (three episodes?), the comics don't need to make them fixtures.

    @empathboy - I'd like to see Prue access whatever Patience's power is and I want it to be something never seen in the Warren line so we can see something new.

  • #68

    p4fan4ever (Thursday, 05 January 2012 21:08)

    If prue uses her astral projection then that would technically mean her soul would project out of her body .. meaning they would have to use shannen's image (prue actual appearance) BUT, for story purposes, lets say in an issue Prue tries to astral project and instead clones herself (due to a power advancement) then, since that is a more powerful power than astral projection, it would make sense for Prue to use that from now on instead of astral projection, thus a way for the writers to get around using shannens image... just like when prues power advanced from her eyes to her hands.. she hardly ever channeled it through her eyes... or when piper developed molecular combustion... she hardly froze from that point on....

  • #69

    CharmedThree (Saturday, 07 January 2012 19:25)

    @ StoryGirl83 I also hope that Prue accesses Patience's magic for her to use. It's a perfect opportunity for new powers for Prue.

    One thing that I keep asking in my mind is that when the time comes to decide if Prue stays or not, will the Angels of Destiny allow Prue to stay? Right now, Prue is running on possessing a body with no one in it. If she stays possessing Patience's body, wouldn't that practically go against the natural order? I mean, every spirit in the afterlife would love to be able to just pop into a body still alive and continue to live their lives but they are not able to do it because it doesn't work that way, so what makes Prue so special that she can? Will Prue be officially resurrected?

    Having Prue back alive and kicking and having an unstoppable Power of Four can cause the scales to tip in favor of good, which can lead to high consequences.

    Prue being back introduces a lot of possible epic storylines that I can't wait to read. Brad Kern and crew needs to take a few lessons.

  • #70

    p4fan4ever (Sunday, 08 January 2012 15:36)

    on the cover of issue 2 where a female ghost is circling the sister... do you think thats supposed to represent prue? We know that once prue took over patience body on the earthly plane, the girls became stronger and issue 2 is when phoebe gets her advanced premonitions, an issue later paige gets her shield etc etc (when prue is talking to cole about her and her sisters becoming stronger we see paige use orb shield piper making heat and what looks to be phoebe having an advanced premonition).. so we know Prue came back in and around the time of the power advancements.... so if that prues spirit on the cover?!

  • #71

    p4fan4ever (Sunday, 08 January 2012)

    ps everyone follow me on twitter! @nugentcantileno :)

  • #72

    StoryGirl83 (Sunday, 08 January 2012 19:28)

    @p4fan4ever - I think it's supposed to be Brittany, but that's an interesting theory and maybe (since it looks like neither) it can double as both, the innocent they lost and the sister they don't know is coming back.

    Added you to my Charmed Fans list on twitter.

  • #73

    Bellboy1750 (Sunday, 08 January 2012 23:30)

    If the Charmed Ones did lose their magic due to being to the Power of Four (I'm guessing b/c they're too powerful), would they just lose their witch magic or would Paige still have her whitelighter magic? I mean, according to Prue she was never supposed to join the coven so it'd make somewhat sense if she retained her whitelighter powers.

    In a way, she's the problem, but she could also be the solution a la' "her whitelighter half." Although I'm thinking I might be wrong because from the cover it appears that all magic is gone, not just the Charmed Ones'. The fairy and the unicorn look lifeless. I'm guessing it'll be similar to the episode "The Day The Magic Died."

  • #74

    empathboy (Tuesday, 10 January 2012 09:38)

    I just dont want paige to get shurked off to the side im thinking though since they shared a power the advancement split bettween them while phoebe's and maybe pipers went complety haywire do yall think they ll get to keep those advanemnts?

  • #75

    JoshingAbout (Wednesday, 11 January 2012 07:45)

    I reckon that they may have to save Patience's soul from Charon (and hopefully vanquish her!) for Prue to move on. Obviously Patience can't be alive again since Charon needs dead bodies/proper souls. But I guess it'd be earning her right to move on again, in a way.

    I always assumed that when Patience/Prue made the glasses of water fill up in Issue #15, that that was Patience's power. Hydrokinesis?

  • #76

    GC (Wednesday, 11 January 2012 08:38)

    @JoshingAbout it could also have been telematerialization, which would be related to Prue's power.

  • #77

    p3nathan (Thursday, 12 January 2012 17:11)

    @JoshingAbout I think she did it in a similar way to how she put cream in her coffee in the Pilot.

  • #78

    Henry (Sunday, 15 January 2012 06:37)

    Rereading "The Charmed Offensive" I noticed something. Patty tells Paige that if the spirits are outside too long they may not be able to return. Prue ran away for a while, so maybe her soul can't return to the afterlife.

  • #79

    empathboy (Tuesday, 17 January 2012 12:59)

    Prue Piper Phoebe and Paige three sisters that where destined to be together 4 that where never suppose to meet each sister destined to have a charmed destiny and individual special active power Telekinesis, Molecular Immobilization And Premoniton now that that one power is split between two sisters of that propechy the charmed ones have been weakend so whats it going to be sisters save the sister you lost or save the innocents you can lose

  • #80

    BellBoy1750 (Thursday, 19 January 2012 13:40)

    I don't know how I feel about this storyline. With all due respect to Mr. Ruditis, I can't help but wonder if they could've done something different concerning Prue's return.

    I mean, to suggest that Paige isn't a "true" Charmed One seems a bit ridiculous, especially after all the sisters accomplished after Prue's death (vanquishing The Source, Cole, The Triad). I don't think that the prophecy was that specific regarding which set of sisters. If Paige wasn't meant to be a Charmed One, then there wouldn't have been any reconstitution.

    What I think might've been better would be to have Paige fall victim to some kind of situation (coma, alternate dimension) that requires the Power of Three. Piper and Phoebe then summon the spirit of Prue in order to get Paige back. Just an idea. Or Prue has some unfinished business of her own, outside of her Charmed destiny.

    I wonder how they're going to wrap up the Prue/Patience storyline. Prue's going to have to somehow relinquish her Charmed status (betraying the Wiccan rede, maybe) or expanding the prophecy beyond those three sisters. Can't wait to find out.

  • #81

    John (Thursday, 19 January 2012 15:07)

    But did Prue specifically say that Paige wasnt meant to be a charmed one cus what i have picked up from the spoilers is that Prue said that she herself was meant to be part of the prophecy so even though paige became a charmed one prue still had connections to the destiny and couldnt move on. It wasnt that paige wasnt meant to be a charmed just that prue still had a part in the prophecy as it involved her and thats why she had the problems in the afterlife

  • #82

    cyma (Friday, 20 January 2012 02:02)

    @BellBoy1750: The idea of Paige falling victim to some kind of situation or Prue having unfinished business has been done to the death in fanfics. So this here is indeed something different.

  • #83

    p3nathan (Friday, 20 January 2012 05:53)

    @John. Prue says that the Warren line was meant to be at it's strongest with the original 3, but that destiny was never fulfilled...due to this, Prue couldn't really move on. So she helped them find Paige hoping the prophecy would transfer, but stated that the prophecy wasn't meant to transfer to anyone.

  • #84

    BellBoy1750 (Monday, 23 January 2012 16:45)

    Anyone else think the whole thing w/ Prue still being Charmed is a bit contradictory to the whole mythology. It feels like a slap in the face to Paige, at least to me.

    The Charmed Ones vanquished a lot of demons, namely the Source and Zankou, vanquishes Prue did not partake in. Funny how that all worked out if Paige wasn't truly meant to be 'Charmed', which is what Prue's saying. And frankly, it sounds like a load of crap, given all that Piper, Phoebe, and Paige accomplished. They wouldn't have accomplished all that they had if Paige wasn't a Charmed One. It seems as if it's an error on the writer's part.

    Also, if the prophecy was reserved specifically for the oldest three, then why did Prue die and never find a way to come back til later. The Charmed Ones never should've been reconstituted, even with the addition of Paige, b/c clearly the prophecy was made for the eldest three and not Paige. Unless Prue was destined to die and Paige was meant take her place in the coven, which is why she possessed the power of TK orbing (which she was born with and apparently had been bound when she was an infant, her witch powers, anyway) I really hope there's more to the story than what's being presented.

    However, I do like the notion of the Power of Four being an anti-Power of Three. The prophecy said that there would be only three sister witches in the coven, leaving no room for a fourth, which would cancel out their powers I suppose, in turn making them vulnerable.

    What about the episode, "It's a Bad, Bad, Bad World", when Phoebe and Paige created a Power of Four with their evil alter-egos? That didn't seem to upset any balance, of course, they weren't meant to be there in the first place, so I guess it wouldn't matter.

    I'm curious if an alternate Power of Three would work, like Prue, Phoebe, Paige or Prue, Piper, Paige. Just b/c Melinda didn't foresee something doesn't mean it couldn't work, like the reconstituted Power of Three.