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This is what the cast said about the comics so far....

First of all the girls are not directly involved with the comics but they have agreed with their likeness being used in the comics.

Alyssa Milano confirmed the news about the Charmed comics via her twitter on January 10th:

  • Speaking of comic books, i have confirmed that there is a charmed comic book in the works


In an interview by Matt Raub of the Flick Cast, Alyssa Milano was asked about her involvement in the comics.

FLICK CAST: Speaking of Charmed, I know Zenescope has announced that they’re putting together an official Charmed comic. What kind of involvement did you have with that?
ALYSSA: Well, I approved some of the artwork for the rendition of my character, and it looks awesome. I’m very excited. A show like Charmed has been such a lovely part of my life simply because the fans have been so loyal. That’s why we were on the air for as long as we were, on a network that wasn’t bringing in great numbers at the time. So I think that anything to continue the legacy that we had is awesome.

On Twitter, Rose McGowan retweeted a link to the cover where the Charmed Ones are pictured in the woods naked with leaves covering them. Holly Marie Combs jokingly replied via her twitter: Strangely i dont recall that scene, while Rose said she thought it was HOT.

Holly Marie Combs twitted that she sees a resemblace between the cover where the Charmed Ones are pictured in the woods naked with leaves covering them and the promo poster of her series "Pretty Little Liars".

Coincidentally, her onscreen daughter in Pretty Little Liars does the same "hush" pose as Piper on the charmed comics cover.

Twitter conversation between Holly Marie Combs and the charmed comics writers Raven Gregory & Paul Ruditis

Raven Gregory tweeted about the last sentence of Charmed #1 schedule where a surprise we may see at San Diego Comic Con about Charmed is mentioned :


THe last sentence scares me. Imagine if halfway through the panel Alyssa makes a surprise appearance and hi-jacks the panel:)


Then Paul Ruditis tweeted back:


Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen. Nor should anyone else. Because it's not. At all.


Then Holly Marie Combs twitted as a reply:


You guys say that like it's a bad thing. Maybe I have some questions for the panel. Did Piper get implants? Hmph.


Raven gregory twitted back:


How many kids does Piper have now in the story? Three. Pretty sure she doesn't need implants:)


Holly Marie Combs twitted as a reply:


Her comic rendition thought differently.


Raven Gregory twitted as a reply:




Paul Ruditis replied to Holly Marie Combs:


We would LOVE for you to come by. Just didn't want to get anyone's hopes up. And we'd answer any question you have.


Holly Marie combs continued saying:


You know, I was born in San Diego. The weather is nice this time o year....


Raven Gregory replied:


It's very nice. The best in the world. I'm sure San Diego (cough and us) would love to have you come visit.


Holly replied:


Nobody asked me. I woulda been there in a heartbeat. I coulda brought a couple friends too.

Rose Mcgowan tweets that she hasnt seen the comics yet

Rose Mcgowan twitted that she has not read the Charmed Comics yet:

  • I've never seen one/been sent one Charmed comic book

Holly thinks Seidman's Issue #9 cover is brilliant

In twitter i asked Holly Marie Combs what she thinks of Issue #9 cover.

She replied to me: Ha! Brilliant!

Desperately Seeking Piper

Paul Ruditis twitted the temporary title of issue #9:

  • In honor of Holly Marie Comb's birthday, the temporary title for Charmed Issue 9 is... Desperately Seeking Piper.

Holly Marie Combs replied:

  • Nice!

Rose asks if Paige is pregnant


When i linked a collage of Paige in the comics to Rose Mcgowan (the collage included the mystery cover in which Paige is featured with an embryo), she replied asking:

  • Is Paige pregnant?!

I then answered her that the comics take place 1,5 year after season 8 and that she already has her twins but we dont know if that is her third child yet since the cover is for a future issue. 

Victor Webster interested to buy the charmed comics


When i tweeted to Victor Webster a link with a collage of how Coop looks in the comics, he replied:

  • Where do i get one of those?

Alyssa Milano tweeted about Issue #8 photo cover

Alyssa Milano tweeted via her @ account:

Holly M Combs on Charmed #8 cover B

Holly M Combs commented on the same cover that Alyssa commented some days before (Charmed #8 photo cover).

She twitted:

  • Aww forever young in comic book world. Fabulous.

Holly M Combs on Issue #13 cover

Holly commented on Issue #13 cover:

  • Thats frightening. But strangely not unlike how I feel at this very moment in time.

Rose Mcgowan talks about her feelings on the charmed comics

In the interview Rose is asked if she likes comics. She answered that she likes the books (volumes) more than the monthly ones and then she continued:

  • "I did a show called Charmed and is funny because i've been done with that 3 years now and somebody brought me some of the comics at Comic Con to sign and it is so weird doing something where a character lives on a comic book, she (Paige) is having her own strange adventures"

Rose talks about it at 3:54 of the following interview

Shannen Doherty on her comic likeness

Shannen on twitter answered about her likeness in the comics:


  • Q: i cant wait 2 c u on lately also are u going to give the okay 4 ur likeness to b used in the charmed comic :)
  • ShannenWell, they have to ask lol
  • Q: Never asked! Did u check the Prudence/Patience storyline in the CMD comics? It was well, good&bad! 
  • Shannen: no never saw it.....


saw her likeness in the Charmed Comics. She retweeted and wrote

  • Holy Amazing!

Rose Mcgowan signing Charmed #9 & #12 for Celebrity Authentics (Video)

Holly Marie Combs talks about Prue in the Charmed Comics at Wizard World Chigaco (Video) - at 15:56

Shannen talks about her likeness not being in the comics and why she didn't return for the series finale of Charmed (YouTube)- 7:00