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    JoshingAbout (Wednesday, 07 March 2012 22:55)

    I'm going to post a big, in-depth summary of the issue, so be warned that these are MAJOR SPOILERS:

    * The issue starts off in Mr Rob Cowen's office with Paige and Henry talking about the fact that Henry Jr's biological father has been found. Mr Cowen says that now they know he's the father then he has to know about Henry Jr, much to Paige's annoyance.
    * Paige does NOT want to hand over the child she loves to a criminal.
    * Paige contemplates running away with Henry and the kids.
    * Paige and Henry search the internet for info on the son. He is part of a big crime family, along with his father. Though it is mainly by reputation, as no one has ever been able to prove their crimes.
    * Paige suggests hiring a detective. Henry notes it'll cost money that they don't have, but his wife has other ideas.
    * Paige makes a potion and prepares a spell.
    * Phoebe is 3 months pregnant. Piper points out the potential personal gain aspect of what Paige is doing, but Paige insists that it's for Henry Jr, that she's protecting the innocent.
    * She conjures a detective character from a book but he's in black and white.
    * Paige does what Phoebe did to Billy: they use make-up to make him look like he's on colour (I LOVE that little throw-back!)
    * Paige and Quinn, the detective, break into the crime-family's office and start snooping, only to be found. They try to make a deal with the dad and son but the dad throws them out.
    * Quinn reassures Paige that is wasn't a waste of time - they just need to look for the weak link. Something that will expose the family for what they are -and also the person that can get them into the house to snoop around some more.
    * They see the Henry Jr's father and use him to their advantage. They tempt him with a deal offer, and Quinn coerces Paige to go on a date with the son.
    * Despite Paige's annoyance, Quinn insists it's a good idea since the family home is much too big to search by themselves.
    * They make it home and there's a problem: the inside of the Manor is now black and white like Quinn was/is!
    * Piper comes to the conclusion that Quinn brought some of his black-and-white world with him. The effects are spreading through the Manor.
    * Piper wants to send him back but Paige insists that she needs him to help put away the crime family, since he knows how the criminal mind works. Phoebe says they know how to handle bad guys, but Paige points out that they know how to handle demons, not bad humans.
    * Paige doesn't want to risk anything. She loves Henry Jr too much.
    * Piper and Phoebe will work on reversing the black-and-white in the Manor while Paige goes to see what she can find in the crime family home.
    * Paige goes on the date with Henry Jr's father. Turns out he likes older women, but Paige says she pegged him as someone who liked girls his own age. He said he did have a serious relationship with someone once, but that he hasn't heard from her since she left him. He assumed she didn't like his lifestyle.
    * There's a single dollar framed in the room they're in. The son says it's the first dollar his father ever laundered.
    * The guy shows Paige that he has a tattoo for every person he's made "disappear" - with the first person when he was only 14 years old. There's three bullet tattoos.
    * Paige manages to drug the guy with stuff hidden inside her ring by slipping it into his drink. He passes out on the sofa.
    * Paige orbs Quinn into the house. Based on what he told Paige to look for in a place that might be hiding the incriminating goods - a place that would be hidden but somewhere that his ego would show it off at the same time: hiding it in plain sight. Paige figures that to be behind the portrait of the laundered dollar, and lo and behold there's a safe there.
    * Quinn hacks into the safe (using the internet/electronic know-how that Paige slipped into the spell used to conjure Quinn). They find an envelope, a gun, some cash and a USB drive.
    * They check the USB on Paige's MacBook. Quinn tells her that they'll have more than enough to send both father and son to prison for life.
    * Paige orbs Quinn back to the Manor (off-screen) and tends to the waking man she drugged. She leaves, saying she can't do business with a kid who can't hold his alcohol.
    * Paige orbs home and tells her sisters that they got what she needed. Piper informs her that Quinn ran off as soon as he was orbed back to the Manor. Phoebe wants to know what happened to Paige. She holds up a mirror and it turns out Paige herself is now in Black and White! Followed by:

    "The first one who tells me that they saw this coming is getting orbed to China" - best line in the entire comic xD SO PAIGE.

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    JoshingAbout (Wednesday, 07 March 2012 22:55)

    * Phoebe says they need to get Quinn back before both Piper and herself also turn black and white, saying that she's already been that before. (Throw baaaaack)
    * Paige isn't worried about the colour issue, she's more worried about getting the evidence back on the Mercers, the crime family.
    * Paige deduces that Scrying won't work since he's not real and that she can't send him back without getting the laptop back. She wants to know why Quinn left. Piper has a clue to that issue: he's on the phone.
    * Quinn is offering a trade: the computer for being made real permanently. Paige says to meet in the Manor in an hour. They have time to put her plan in motion.
    * An hour later Piper answers the door and lets Quinn in. He plans to keep his end of the bargain as long as the girls do. They head upstairs as Quinn notes they seem to have fixed the black-and-white problem that the Manor faced - Piper says that only a few rooms have been reversed. The Attic, for example, is still affected.
    * Quinn says that he knows what it took for Paige to make him, so he'll know if she's doing anything wrong.
    * Paige performs the spell to make Quinn real. Wondering if it worked, Piper suggests he look in the mirror and wipe off the make-up from before. It doesn't rub off. All looks good for Quinn.
    * He goes to hand over the laptop to Paige, but he's been double (triple?) crossed. The real Paige hid away in the attic while the fake Paige, Henry under the effects of a glamour and voice-mimicking spell.
    * Paige points out that since Henry has no magic, any spell he performs simply won't work.
    * Quinn is confused as his skin didn't return to grey. Again, Paige points out how useful glamours are. She then pours a potion over Quinn and he is returned to the book he was conjured from.
    * While the two hold Henry Jr, Henry doesn't regret what he and Paige did to keep Henry Jr safe from the life of crime that the Mercers lived. Paige agrees, especially after what Henry Jr's father said when Mr Cowen told him about his son. (I assume it was bad.)
    * Henry wonders what it was that he said, but Paige doesn't exactly expect him to sue for custody if he gets off from the charges.
    * With all the information that was turned over to the police Henry doesn't think it's likely that the Mercers will ever get off, saying the federal prosecutor said the Mercers will be going away for life.

    The End.


    * The two leave the room, with Henry saying it was fun to be in Paige's shoes again, even if he didn't get the cool powers this time.
    * Paige says she's glad that Henry Jr has a mortal role model in the family. That things will be weird enough growing up as it is.
    * As they leave, Henry Jr's eyes begin to glow. His hand lights up and a pulse of energy shoots outward. The shot zooms out to see Henry Jr's toys and his cot covered in ice, which he seems ecstatic about ...

    He has the power of Cryokinesis!

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    JoshingAbout (Wednesday, 07 March 2012 22:57)

    It's always asked, so here it is:


    Paige: Orbing, Telekinetic Orbing, Glamouring
    Henry Jr: Cryokinesis

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    charmedcomicfan (Wednesday, 07 March 2012 23:09)


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    kind3r349 (Wednesday, 07 March 2012 23:12)

    Henry jr might be a witch.

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    charmedcomicfan (Wednesday, 07 March 2012)

    or something demonic

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    Kody (Thursday, 08 March 2012 00:07)

    Oh he would, another throwback..
    The powers of Paige's children so happen to be like the ones of the 1920's cousins.
    Phoebe's = Tamara
    Piper's = Kat
    Prue's = Henry Jr
    This is going to be interesting because if the 1920's cousins have taught us anything, it's that witches can go bad and needs to be detained. Doesn't look so well for Henry Jr

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    kind3r349 (Thursday, 08 March 2012 00:12)

    We'll have to wait and see what Henry Jr is.

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    nick_clark (Thursday, 08 March 2012 04:22)

    I would have preferred Henry jr as mortal, it was something charismatic in my opinion, but it's okay. Let's see what is coming from all this.

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    chloefan03 (Thursday, 08 March 2012 05:23)

    i LOVE the theory of the cousins :))

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    p3nathan (Thursday, 08 March 2012 05:24)

    Hmm, sounds interesting, looking forward to reading it for myself. I wonder what Henry Jr is, it seems a bit too easy for him to be a witch. Maybe there's a reason the family got away with their crimes for so long.

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    GC (Thursday, 08 March 2012 08:12)

    Hahahaha! I knew Henry Jr couldn't have been normal, there's no way he'd grow up a Halliwell and not have powers, ya know, destiny and everything.

    Interesting about the cousins, I didn't even think of that! Maybe we'll get an issue with them?

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    JoshingAbout (Thursday, 08 March 2012 11:11)

    I wonder if Henry Jr is part demon or warlock. That'd be an interesting twist!

    I like how it's Paige's kids whose powers mimic the 1920's cousins, since Paige's past life wasn't linked to the Halliwells - it's a nice little way to bring them closer to the family.

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    Texan (Thursday, 08 March 2012 13:42)

    I think its great idea for henry jr to have powers :)

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    CharmedThree (Friday, 09 March 2012 00:25)

    Amazing! Thanks JoshingAbout! :)

    Henry Jr. having powers? I have mix feelings about that. I was hoping that he would be the normal one of the Brady Bunch. I guess not. I just hope Ruditis tells the story good. Which, I'm sure he will.

    Since Henry Jr.'s eyes did light up, I'm pretty sure he is not a witch.

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    HalliwellManorAkaDsc385 (Friday, 09 March 2012 10:31)

    Looking at the facts here: Paige tried to save Henry, Jr.'s mother from being attacked, the mother was attacked by a DARKLIGHTER. This happened for a reason, why do Darklighter's hunt or kill women? To either impregnate them or because they are future/current Whitelighters. However, in this case the mother may have been a Whitelighter's charge who got caught in the crossfire. Going by what we have seen in previous issues, it's safe to assume Henry is a witch. Whitelighter's never displayed Ice Encapsulation powers nor have Wizards or Warlocks. Phoebe Bowen, Ludlow and Warlock Piper are the only ones who have displayed the Ice power. But look at the "This baby came with serious daddy issues" quote on "Crossed, Triple-Crossed" paired with knowing the Mercers are criminals, it's possible they are magically imbued, how else were they able to cover up all their crimes? However, Paige called them human in the comic, so we don't know for sure and they were imprisoned, if they were magically wouldn't they have used their powers? So, I'm thinking the powers come from the mother, who was a witch. Or it could also have something to do with how Paige orbed him out, maybe the magic of the Halliwell line somehow altered his DNA causing him to inherit a form of Piper/Melinda's freezing power?

    @CharmedThree Wyatt could cause his eyes to glow.

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    Henry (Saturday, 10 March 2012 06:03)

    Do you think that Henry Jr's powers have anything to do with the next issue? Piper is on the cover with a frozen Book of Shadows! But this could be metaphorical...

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    p3nathan (Saturday, 10 March 2012 06:09)

    @Henry I thought it was frozen too, but I think Seidman said it's melting.

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    HalliwellManorAkaDsc385 (Saturday, 10 March 2012 09:49)

    @p3nathan @Henry The Book of Shadows "melting" is symbolic of the information from it disappearing. That's all.

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    Eric (Monday, 12 March 2012 00:12)

    okay,l know that this is for issue 19,but since Henry jr.does have ice power*forgot the name*. if you look on issue 20's cover, the book is frozen*iced* do you think that its from him..

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    Eric (Thursday, 15 March 2012 20:01)

    ohh never mind,alot are saying that its melting,so ok

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    Eric (Thursday, 15 March 2012 20:07)

    but dont you think something might happen to one of the sisters because in the next issue. when piper is holding the book, its open to the page, to scry for something lost..

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    HalliwellManorAkaDs385 (Friday, 16 March 2012 17:26)

    I was thinking about this whole Henry having the ice encapsulation power story. Ultimately, what if Little Henry was supposed to be Prue's reincarnation and was imbued with the ice power of her past life Phoebe Bowen. Paige ultimately being destined to raise Prue's reincarnation would be a fantastic twist. Nothing was ever said about reincarnations or future lives being the same gender as past lives.

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    StoryGirl83 (Sunday, 18 March 2012 21:04)

    @HalliwellManorAlaDs385 - Since Prue is still around, I can tell you that he isn't Prue. I asked Paul something in the past that returned an answer that once someone has gone onto their next life, they cannot return as a ghost . . . at least in his mind and since he's the author, I think it's safe to assume that won't be what's happening here.