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In this section we are going to figure out the timeline of the Charmed comics.

Some things are vague and some others will be updated or become more specific as time goes by. Consider it as a work in progress.


Forever Charmed 8.22 - February or March


Charmed Lives #1 - August or September (18 months after "Forever Charmed")

No Rest for the Wicca #2 - Same month as "Charmed Lives"

Innocents Lost #3 - Same week as "No Rest for the Wicca"

Mortal Enemies #4 - Few days after "Innocents Lost"

Unnatural Resources #5 - Same day as "Mortal Enemies"


Morality Bites Back #6 - After February 2008 (2 days - Thursday & Friday)

The Heir Up There #7 - a few months after "Charmed Lives"

Oh Henry #8 - a few months after "No Rest for the Wicca"

The All or Nothing #9 - Same day as "Oh Henry"

Three Little Wiccans #10 - Same day as "The All or Nothing"

Last Witch Effort - Same day as "Three Little Wiccans"

The Charmed Offensive #12 - Same day as "Last Witch Effort"

Piper's Place #13 - Weeks after "The Charmed Offensive" (2 days)

Cupids Harrow #14 - A few months after Halliwell's opening day in "Piper's Place" (4-5 days)

Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter #15 - Months after "The All or Nothing" (2 days)

The Heavens Can Wait #16 - August (Few days after "Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter")

Family Shatters #17 - August (Same day as "The Heavens can wait")

Four's Company #18 - August (Same day as "The Heavens can wait") (Phoebe is 1 month pregnant)

Crossed, Triple-Crossed #19 - October (2 months after "Four's Company") (Phoebe is 3 months pregnant)


Future (alternative universe) events of "Morality Bites" 2.02 - February 26

The Old Witcheroo #20 - April (6 months after Crossed, Triple-Crossed) (Phoebe is giving birth)

Reversal of Misfortune #21 - April or May (3 weeks after The Old Witcheroo) (Parker is 3 weeks old)

Prue Ya Gonna Call #22 - April or May (same day as Reversal of Misfortune)

The Darklight Zone #23 - April or May (The day after or few days after Reversal of Misfortune, 6 months after Crossed, Triple-Crossed)

The Power of 300 #24 - April or May (same day as The Darklight Zone, 6 months after the end of Crossed, Triple-Crossed)

                                           ADDITIONAL DATES

Neena shares the All with her mate - Thousand upon thousand years ago

The Empyreal sword was forged - Over 2000 years ago

Shakespeare cursed Romeo and Juliet by writing their story with a quill from a Phoenix feather - 1594 or 1595

To the Warren born - May 1, 1670

Coops birth, death and rebirth as Cupid - sometime around 1810, approximately 200 years before 2008

Rennek got zombies to remake the Thriller video - The 80s

Gideon assigned Leo as the Charmed Ones' whitelighter and Rennek joined forces with Alexi - 1998

Phoebe & Coops wedding - exactly 1 year before "Morality Bites Back"

Phoebe & Coops 1rst wedding anniversary - The first day (Thursday) of the events of "Morality Bites Back"

Mika meets Cal Greene for the first time - 2 months before "Morality Bites Back"