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In Dave's original sketch the Source's face is different than the printed one.

Dean Kotz uploaded a rough layout of the 2nd and 3rd page of issue 9.

Test pages from Revoincubus

Revoincubus from deviantart uploaded the test pages he did in order to be an interior artist on Charmed. As you can see these pages have to do with issue's 8 plot. While he didnt get the job, it's always interesting to see test pages by different artists.

Charmed tryout pages from Issue #10 artist

This is what the artist Reno Maniquis commented on these sketches:

  • I’m the artist for issue 10 of Zenescope’s Charmed comic (tentatively out on 05/25/11). I got the job by submitting the four tryout pages you see below, working from the script for Charmed #8.

The sketches are from the scene of issue #8 where Paige orbs the baby out of the dead woman's womb.

Tess Fowler's thumbnails for issue #6

Al Rio unused cover

Marcio Abreu early sketch

Unused covers for Issue #1

Dave Hoover posted these 2 covers in his deviantart account.

He commented:

Here's the rough and finished inked art that I did for an unused cover for Charmed issue #1. Before I had actually started working on the first issue the guys at Zenescope told me to start thinking about the cover art for the first issue. I hadn't even done any sketches and then I got an email from Zenescope giving me a description of what they wanted to see on the cover, a description showing the scene pictured in the art. I thought it was a little odd that they didn't want all three girls to be on the cover to issue one, but hey, they were calling the shots. I did a rough, which was approved, and then I pencilled and inked the finished art, changing the angle a bit so that the audience was a bit closer to the characters. Then to my surprise, I see a cover image to issue one popping up on internet comic sites, the cover featuring a photo of all three girls. I was actually a bit releived; I liked the art and how David Seidman used the photo, and I was releived not to have to do another likness. But again I thought it odd that they didn't tell me of their decision to use photos. The art is currently for sale on Ebay!

Unused cover better quality

Rose Mcgowan sketches by Dave Hoover

Inked version of Dave Hoover's test page by Jim Campbell

David Newbold's submissions (not picked)

Dave Hoover's test pages and character design (picked)

Dadicus' submissions (not picked)

Surfercalavera's submissions (not picked)

Early covers that will not be used