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                                  The Locations seen in the comics


The San Fransisco Victorian House located at 1329 Prescott Street has been the Residence of the Halliwell family for generations. The Manor was built in 1898 on land containing a Spiritual Nexus that can be used for either Good or Evil. The Halliwell family moved into the Manor to claim the Nexus for good and made it their home. The Charmed sisters have been living in the Manor since discovering their powers in 1998. Years later Phoebe and Paige moved into their own apartments making Piper, Leo and their children the only people living in it currently. When Prue became the conduit of the Realms she turned the Nexus of The All into a replica of the Manor where she lives together with Cole.


The Elders established Magic School as a training ground for young magic users. Set apart in a separate realm, hidden portals all over the Earth allow access to the school for those who have permission to enter. The school was set up as a safe environment for learning and protective wards were created to keep the students safe from death during their studies. Those wards were breached when The Charmed Ones went into hiding, allowing Magic School to fall under demon domain until it could be reclaimed.


The dark realm beneath the Earth where evil resides. Most demons were born, hatched, or created there. It is a place many would describe as hell which contains deep underground chambers, caverns, and volcanoes. It can't be traveled easily without the help of a demon.



Known in the vernacular as "Up There", this is the location from which the Elders watch over the world. Only Whitelighters possess the ability to orb into The Upper Regions, though the forces of evil have, at times, stolen these powers to infiltrate the heavens.


The vault where ancient artifacts are kept safe such as the essence of the Greek Gods is located behind a big golden door in the Upper Regions . Any being can enter but only after a whitelighter or part-whitelighter opens the dour. Leo found his wings and sword there.


The Afterlife is a plane where spirits live after their death

This plane is located "Up There". The only access is a long staircase surrounded by clouds. Normally only those who have moved on can enter this plane. The threshold is blocked with the help of big golden gates. The afterlife can take the form of places the ghosts once lived in.


When the world was a dark and tumultuous place, a spiritual energy run through everything that existed. Neither good nor evil, it was part of everything like the air and earth. The elders call it the ALL.

A woman came across that nexus and alerted her mate of what she had found. At first they were afraid of it but she pushed past that fear and tapped into this power

Her action infused her with more of the ALL than any human was supposed to possess.

The woman shared that power with her mate and it changed them, made them immortal and invulnerable, it bonded them forever to one another and to the ALL creating a state beyond consciousness beyond the known univerce. The Higher Realm, a place of pure utter bliss that they shared with the ALL.

But their presence there affected the earth, the world started to die.

The only way to save earth was for the woman and her mate to seperate their powers, to allow the power of the ALL to flow freely again. The woman and man forced to abandon the higher realm, never to return again.

Everytime a witch is born she inherits a tiny piece of the ALL, not a lot but just enough to have an active power. With every new descendant that came from woman's bloodline the ALL began to weaken, it was spread too thin, it needed to reclaim some of the magic it had lost, it needed one of the two to return. The Elders were forced to make a decision.

Neenas mate returned to the higher plane, but he didnt abandon her, not by choice. One day he was just gone and the woman was alone for the first time in forever.


Neena tried to recreate the Higher Realm, an alternative plane of existance that was once a place of pure and utter bliss, but failed. The plane she ended up creating was a mistake, a place that should not exist and is outside of the Grand Design. A construct like that can't come without some side-effects like big earthquakes. This realm appears as a dark wasteland with one withered tree. When bitten, the apples from that tree is the way out of there. Neena's portals can send someone there. Without powers Neena is currently trapped in this realm and she can be reunited with her mate every six months.


The Temple is the home of Cupids and messenger Cherubs. The temple hovers over a coastline of Italy. It is only visible to magical beings and can only entered by a Cupid. In the comics it is revealed that Coop proposed to Phoebe there. 1 year after, they spend their anniversary in the same spot.


Halliwell's belongs to Piper. She closed P3 in order to open the restaurant she always dreamt of. Finding the right place proved to be difficult. Piper was shown multiple locations before she decided on this one. Preparation was hard but the opening night was a huge success.


A realm that exists in infinity, outside of time and space, where the crypt that houses the Hollow is located. In the comics a new pair of Guardians have been chosen. They were distracted by Hogan who along with Neena gathered some of the grounds soil.


The Bay Mirror is a major Metropolitan Newspaper in San Francisco. Phoebe landed a successful job as an advice columnist for this newspaper. Elise Rothman is editor in chief. Mika is the Newspaper's publicist.


Luscious is a nightclub in San Francisco. It is probably a demon club since powers are used openly. Neena and Hogan waited there for a low-level demon to bring them a map to the Underworld. When an Angel of Destiny tried to stop them, Neena banished her in another dimension. Neena killed the low-level demon and Hogan caused conflict with his Discord power.


Phoebe and Coop live in a small condo with their newborn daughter, Prue Johnna. This condo is not the same that Phoebe used to live in season 8. It is the place that Prue Johnna developed her beaming power for the first time.


The Golden Gate Bridge is the biggest bridge in San Francisco. Leo and Paige used to stay atop the bridge in order to think and meditate. It is Henry and Paige's "special place" where Henry proposed marriage to her and she accepted.

In the comics the bridge can be seen near the entrance to the cave that led Neena and Hogan to the Underworld. Neena and her army of demons along with Rennek fought the Elders there. While the battle was going on, the police closed the bridge until they could determine the cause of a mysterious fog and falling debris. It is also the place where Kyle died by the hands of Rennek and the place where the Charmed Ones met Neena for the first time.


A small cafe in San Frasisco.

(Its name is a reference to the Book of Shadows)


The Coopersmiths (Coop's distant relatives) had an old mine. A cake designed to look like this mine is made at all major family events as a tradition.


A school run by Montgomery Knox. It is a neutral alternative to Magic School, not under the control of The Elders. The academy is a place where young magical beings with gifts can learn to live with or without their powers.


The Salem Witch House is a local tourist attraction located in Salem where Prue and Sarah were working. The tour hours are between 10am-5pm



a regular-sized building in San Francisco that is the home of Henry Mitchell and his wife Paige Matthews and their three children. It was almost burned down because of Tamora's molecular combustion power.


The fortress is located in the Himalayas. It is the home of Glynnis who belongs to a long line of magic weapons manufacturers. Whitelighter powers don't work inside the fortress. It is heavily armed against intruders. It is the place where the Empyreal sword was forged.


The nexus contains the All, the spiritual energy which runs through everything that exists since when the world was a dark and tumultuous place. The All is the basis of all magic. Those who enter get a power boost, with their powers instantly growing and advancing. After bringing balance back to the world, Prue became the keeper and guardian of the nexus and all the magic it holds. Never allowed to leave Prue transformed the Nexus into a replica of the Manor where she lives together with her messenger, Cole.